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Does drinking coffee before exercising help you burn fat?

Coffee is a stimulating drink that works as a metabolism accelerator due to its caffeine content. If you take it half an hour before physical activity, it will help you burn fat, as indicated Webconsultas. In addition, the results will be greater if the exercise is carried out during the afternoon.

How it improves athletic performance

It should be taken into account that caffeine is a stimulant of the nervous system and is one of the ergogenic aids that are used throughout the world to, among other things, improve performance in sports activity.

However, a strong coffee could be helpful for weight loss. This has been shown by a study that has found that drinking an amount of 3mg / kg, the equivalent of a well-strong coffee, half an hour before sports practice considerably increases the burning of body fat.

It would be advisable to drink coffee at around 5 in the afternoon and then go to physical practice. Source: Pixabay

This study, conducted by the Department of Physiology of the University of Granada, also found that the effects are greater if caffeine intake and physical activity are done in the afternoon rather than in the morning.

The general recommendation is that performing exercises on an empty stomach contributes to the oxidation of fat, however, there is no study that supports this proposal. This is what Dr. Francisco José Amaro-Gahete, member of the University of Granada and author of the study, points out.

Caffeine and fat oxidation

The aforementioned study was carried out with a group of 15 men with an average age of 32 years. These subjects had to complete an exercise test 4 times a day for 1 week.

They were given caffeine or a placebo twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon. It should be noted that during these tests the hours of fasting, the amount of exercise and the consumption of different stimulant substances were regularized. In addition, fat oxidation was calculated during physical activity.

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The results determined that the Caffeine consumption improves the oxidation of fat, and therefore the ability to lose it. This can be good news, as long as you drink the recommended amount of coffee at least half an hour before physical activity.

Better in the afternoon than in the morning

The efficiency of this combination is higher during the afternoon than in the morning. Therefore, it would be advisable to drink coffee at around 5 in the afternoon and then go to practice physics.

The favorable results indicate that coffee is an excellent stimulant. Therefore, experts recommend that you drink strong or strong coffee in the afternoon and increase the intensity of your exercises from low to moderate to obtain good results.

However, it must be remembered that people who have problems with caffeine should first consult with their GP to make sure if they can follow this routine that helps them lose weight.

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