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DOG TRICKS | What to do when a dog is afraid of storms?

DOG TRICKS |  What to do when a dog is afraid of storms?

DOG TRICKS | What to do when a dog is afraid of storms?

It seems that this bridge time is going to give us some displeasure and, to more than one, a good scare. If when the wind howls and the thunders resonate, your dog begins to shake, pant, bark or look for a corner where you can hide, we recommend that you keep reading. The fear of storms is a very common problem in some pets, specially in dogs and is usually more intense in dog breeds associated with grazing.

Most dogs are restless during a storm, they normally increase their anxiety level and they try to hide. This may be part of their instincts, a natural urge that suggests they should seek shelter as soon as possible so as not to get wet. In general they get anxious, they look everywhere as if looking for the origin of the sound. Maybe it’s a instinct ancestral that tells them that they should seek shelter so as not to get wet. But in the most extreme cases, dogs can panic, injure themselves or show a aggressive behavior. Also, if this problem is not addressed, dogs’ fear of storms worsens over time. Then, What do I do if my dog ​​is afraid of storms? We tell you what to do when your dog is afraid of the storm.

DOG TRICKS | My dog ​​is afraid of storms

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Why is my dog ​​afraid of storms?

The first thing you should know is that a phobia is an excessive fear response to a specific stimulus. One of the origins of dog phobias in the face of loud noises it can be your great hearing ability, which can cause certain sound stimuli to be more unpleasant for them than for us and can even be painful. Another cause may be that the dog associates a stimulus with some type of traumatic experience that he or she lived through. puppy.

Storm awards

And your dog is afraid of storms, but it is a slight fear, sometimes it is enough dog training basic to reduce your anxiety. These conditions can also prevent puppies from developing the phobia. The key to this process is to associate something that your dog loves, such as a treat or a snack, with the first signs of storm, and keep offering it while it lasts. Try try the sweets he likes best or tries to distract him with toys like balls and ropes. This way your dog will associate thunder with something he likes and his emotional response to noise will be one of joy rather than fear.

Make your own storm

This method for control dogs’ fear of storms It can be very effective in cases of mild phobia: storm recordings. Since it is very difficult to predict when storms will occur, these recorded sounds will allow you to control the frequency and intensity of the experience. You can try help your dog starting by turning them to low volume while giving treats or playing with your dog. The idea of ​​this therapy is to increase your dog’s ability to remain calm during the recordings, in this way when there is a real storm, it will withstand it better.

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Anti-anxiety bands

Another good way to make your dog’s fear of storms more bearable are the pressure bands. These tight-fitting vests put continuous, reassuring pressure on the dog’s torso. It is advisable to put the bands on for 20 to 30 minutes, take them off and put them back on after this same period of time.

Therapeutic caresses

One of the most widespread myths is that pet the dogs when they have anxiety it makes them more afraid. But gently calming and comforting a dog has a positive effect as long as loud noises and sudden movements are avoided.

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