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Dominicans will celebrate with hybrid parade in New York City as a precaution against COVID-19

New York Dominicans will celebrate with a hybrid parade due to precaution against COVID

Photo: Courtesy Marcelo NATDDP / Impremedia

The dominicans from new york are celebrating, and taking into account the concerns generated by the advancement of the Delta variant in the increase in COVID infections In the Big Apple, this Sunday they will celebrate in style, but with great caution. This August 8 at noon will take place the so-called Dominican National Parade, in Sixth Avenue between 43rd and 52nd streets, but due to the increase in COVID infections that are taking place in the city, due to the rise of the Delta variant, the invitation is for the event to be followed virtually, through social networks, which are ready to move forward. the celebration of dominicanity happened.

The live parade that will feature floats, personalities, musical numbers and orchestras such as Oro Blanco, which will put the Dominican stamp on the Big Apple and will honor the culture of the island, as well as the deceased merenguero. Johnny ventura, it can be followed through Facebook.

Cristina Contreras, president of the Dominican National Stop (NATDDP), which will be held under the slogan “Forward”, called on his countrymen to join the hybrid event, mostly from their homes as an act of precaution and responsibility.

“Although we received all the permits, authorizations and we have the collaboration of the authorities to do our parade on sixth avenue, we are trying to make sure that the community is not at risk. We do not want to be the cause of no health risk and for that reason we better want people to participate from their homes, to continue our celebrations live so that we are all calmer, taking care of each other ”, commented the president of the parade.

The Dominican leader prayed that those who choose to attend the event in person are only those who are already vaccinated and wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing, while warning that they are implementing strict security protocols with the artists and participants of the celebration, from whom proof of vaccination will be required and negative COVID test.

“It is better that we are all safe, and that they see us from their homes, because lthe COVID numbers They are rising and they are not because of the vaccinated people, but the great concern for the community is for those who are not vaccinated, who are not protected yet ”, warned the Dominican, who made a call to the Dominicans who have not yet been the prick, that they do it as part of the parties for be able to make the 2022 parade massive.

“We must all get vaccinated, from the age of 12 upwards, because only in this way are we going to protect our community. We Dominicans must show that we are more than culture, beliefs, folklore and joy, and that in addition to our contributions and our ability to celebrate with great unity, we are committed to working together to return to normalcy as soon as possible, ”added Contreras, who She is also the executive director of the Metropolitan Hospital in New York.

Nelson Javier, one of the most beloved announcers in the Dominican Republic, who will be the Marshal of the parade, not only expressed his pride at having been chosen for such an honor, but also added to the call for his countrymen to celebrate with protection.

“I believe that the most important thing is that we can respect the norms and protocols that are being requested in this parade and I believe that as Dominicans we must think at this moment when it is important to save ourselves and save others. We must set an example of organization and decency, “said the communicator, who when talking about his countrymen said that they are a community that has known how to leave its mark on the Big Apple.

This Sunday the Dominican holiday is celebrated, but the call is that those who wish to participate do so online.

“One of the characteristics of the Dominicans who come to the United States is that they are always looking to grow, not only grow economically, but also grow as human beings, grow in real training and that we show that we are where we are, if we do things with willingness, work and discipline we can achieve what we set out to do ”, said the announcer, who defines himself as proudly Dominican of “pure strain”.

Aneudi Martinez, originally from El Cibao, in the Dominican Republic, who has been living in New York for 18 years, was happy to know that this year the Dominican parade will return to Sixth Avenue, and although he commented that he will follow the request to see it to the letter online, he says it is the light at the end of the tunnel that he expected to see.

“Knowing that things are already happening that were impossible last year due to COVID makes me very happy, and I think we cannot get handsome (angry) because we cannot go as before but It is better to think that if we take better care of ourselves now, next year we are going to have a great time in that parade“Said the young father of the family.

In addition to the Parade on Sunday, the Dominican community celebrated its dates with a food delivery in Brooklyn, with the support of Goya, and the special annual gala this Friday, where it honored 24 honorary personalities and awarded student scholarships among a group of 33 semi-finalists, support that already exceeds $ 600,000 dollars since the program began.

New York Dominicans will celebrate with a hybrid parade as a precaution against COVID

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