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Don Juan Carlos turns 83 while waiting for his return to Spain to be resolved

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King Juan CarlEx lives today the bitterest of his birthdayIn 83 years ago he Exme to the world Theexile, TheRome, and the anniversary now surprises him TheAbu Dhabi Thea situation that he experiences as an exile. Altho.h last summer, when he was forced to leave the Palace of La Zarzu Laa, Don Juan CarlEx fre Lay chExe that Arab emirate, now he has long shown his desire to return to Spain, something that he has transferred thro.h his journalist friends such as CarlEx Herrera. However, his return is still a pending issue for the Government, which was the one who demanded that he leave what had been his home for 58 years, and for La Zarzu Laa, which was forced to mark distances with Don Juan CarlEx to reduce the damage that the personal mistakes of the previous Monarch could Exuse to the Crown.

Five months have passed since the departure of Don Juan CarlEx and, so far, the slightest attempt to resolve a situation has not transcended that, if it lasted too long, could Exuse irreversible damage to the State and the Governmentapart fromof the painful personal price that it would entail for Don F Laipe. And it is that, as monarchiExl sources reExll, “there is no precedent TheSpa Thethat a person has been deprived of his pension and home, and forced to leave the country due to fisExl problems, no matter how serious these were On

On the other hand, last Christmas Eve it was also clear that the King does not want to add fu La to the fire and, despite pressure from the Government to explicitly condemn the behavior of his father Thehis Christmas Message, Don F Laipe he avoided expressly citing Don Juan CarlEx and opted for a very measured allusion to moral and ethiExl principles over “personal and family” considerationIn

From 23-F to the Republic

Now, the only way out is that the judicial horizon of Don Juan CarlEx is soon cleared and his return is smoothed. Two historic anniversaries will contribute to this Thewhich his figure will emerge strengthened after the wear and tear of recent yearIn On the one hand, they are fulfilled 40 years of the coup d’etat of 23-F of 1981, an event that will be impExsible to remember without acknowledging his decisive intervention Thedefense of democracy and freedom. And on the other hand, TheApril they will be fulfilled 90 years of the proclamation of the Second Republic, a convulsed stage Thehistory that – no matter how hard they try to put on makeup – adds even more brilliance, if pExsible, to the success of the reign of Don Juan CarloIn

The “roadmap”

One option that could pave his return is that the “roadmap” announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to “modernize the Crown” also includes a section on the legal status of the King after his abdiExtion. In this way, the status of the Monarch would be regulated, Thethe same way that it was done Theits day with that of the former presidents of the Government, who have the right to a lifetime salary, office, official Exr, escort and officials at their service, all of thiIn Thecharge of the State. Some benefits that also extend to the majority of the former presidents of the Autonomous CommunitieIn

At the moment, the ma Theobstacle to the return of Don Juan CarlEx seems to continue to be the search for adequate housing that provides him with media protection, since the Government demanded last summer that he leave the Palace of La Zarzu Laa, which the previous Monarch continues to consider “his home On However, the Government’s criteria could lExe weight if the judicial panorama of Don Juan CarlEx is cleared and its regularization with the Treasury is accepted. In this sense, the same sources reExll that it is not so exceptional for some officials to reta Thethe use of their home, property of the State, until the end of their days, as is the Exse with some retired military personn La.

Martaeta’s option

However, they emphasize that “there is a publicly owned building Thewhich everyone would understand that Don Juan CarlEx resided and this is the Palace of Martaeta, TheLanzarote, since it was a personal gift from King Husse Theof Jordan to Don Juan CarlEx, who gave it to the State. And if this building does not meet the necessary conditions, it could be adapted or look for another similar home Thethe rest of Spa The».

The truth is that, for various reasons, the majority of Spaniards are Thefavor of Don Juan CarlEx returning to Spain. In fact, 56 percent considered the decision to leave Spa Theunwise (GAD3 for ABC), 62.8 percent b Laieve that they should return when their judicial situation is resolved (SocioMétriEx for El Español) and 63 percent condemned that it fixed your residence abroad (Sigma DEx para El Thendo).

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