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Don Vicente Fernández was admitted to an emergency hospital. There he spent the night and apparently he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis

Vicente Fernández was admitted to an emergency hospital and spent the night there.

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In the evening hours of yesterday the entertainment programs and social networks surprised with the news that Don Vicente Fernández was admitted to the hospital as an emergency for having presented fever and many discomfort. After a while, the information that I would spend the night in the health center and everything would indicate that you were diagnosed with gastroenteritis, according to the Instagram account Chicapicosa2.

“Everything’s fine, everything’s fine, apparently he only has a urinary tract infection …”, said Gerardo Fernández, one of the sons of Don Vicente Fernandez that was intercepted by the press on the way out of the hospital. Same as he was rushed and where he spent the night. Apparently, Don Chente She was going for routine exams but had diarrhea and a mild urinary tract infection. This led to presume for some time that he could have COVID-19. The singer would have entered in wheelchairs to a hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico.

However, later the columnist and director of the magazine TVyNovelas México, Gil Barrera, confirmed through his Instagram account that Vicente Fernández would stay in the hospital to spend the night due to gastroenteritis.

In the Instagram account of the Telemundo program, Suelta la Sopa, they imply that the cause is not very well known. Don Vicente Fernández was taken to the hospital in an emergency. “LAST MINUTE! The state of health of #VicenteFernandez, who was admitted to hospital emergency in mysterious circumstances. We tell you what is happening to Don Chente“, You can read on the social network. At the same time they promised to expand the information during the broadcast of the show.

Meanwhile, the Univision television network followed Vicente Fernández Jr., who went to the hospital to visit his father. He himself spoke with the reporters of El Gordo and La Flaca and they will shortly give details of what is really happening with Vicente Fernandez and why the information is confusing.

Obviously, this raised everyone’s alarms, especially the singer’s fans, who want to know what happens to their idol. Vicente Fernandez He is 81 years old, so if he had COVID-19, he would enter the high-risk group. However, as we already mentioned, his son Gerardo denied that version.

The singer would have already overcome prostate cancer in 2002 and in 2012 they had to remove a percentage of his liver. In 2013 he had lung and knee problems. Already in 2015, Vicente Fernandez He had to undergo emergency surgery for problems in the intestinal ventricles.


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