Monday, December 4

Donald Trump ignores Ron DeSantis in Orlando CPAC speech

Gov. Ron DeSantis received a lot of praise this weekend during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, but not from former President Donald Trump, which could fuel more speculation about tension between the two GOP stars.

Even as speaker after speaker lauded DeSantis for fighting COVID-19 restrictions, Trump ignored the governor in his speech, declining to single out DeSantis and instead praising GOP governors in general for their pandemic response.

“Right here in our own nation it’s also far past time to declare independence from every last COVID mandate, it’s time, it’s time,” Trump said. “And you know, as early as when it first happened I let the governors make that decision, and we had some governors that did a great job and we had some governors that didn’t do a very good job, but I can tell you that the Republican governors did quite well.”

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