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Donald Trump launches a social digital platform

Banned from social media, Trump launches his own digital platform.

Banned from social media, Trump launches his own digital platform.

Former United States President Donald Trump (2017-2021) launched this Tuesday their own digital platform in order to communicate with their followers, more than three months after having been banned or suspended temporarily on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, among others. The platform ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’ collects videos of the former Republican president, his statements in the political action committees (PAC) sent by email and other news and allows to make contributions .

As a presentation of the principles behind his platform, Trump declares that “‘Save America’ (the words at the top of his website) seeks to build” on the achievements of his Administration and “support the courageous conservatives who will define the future of the world. ‘America First’ movement “. And it adds that its objective is to “guarantee” the “maintenance” of America First in the foreign and domestic policy of the country and the pride of “teaching the truth about our history and celebrating the rich heritage and national traditions.”

Among the commitments that his platform defends and proposes is the defense of “innocent lives and the Judeo-Christian values ​​of our foundation”, as well as the notion included in the Declaration of Independence that God “has made us all equal and that all they must be treated equally before the law. ”

Users can register to receive notifications when Trump sends a message from the new platform, and, although there is no response mechanism to the ex-president’s publications, they can give a “like” and share them through their own accounts in the social media. The website indicates that the platform is run by Nucleus, a digital company that, according to the digital newspaper The Hill, was created by Brad Parscale, Trump’s former campaign manager.

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Trump, who has resided in Palm Beach, Florida since leaving the White House, is still banned from the vast majority of social networks as a result of the assault on the US Capitol on January 6 by hundreds of his supporters, some of them armed, who had previously attended a rally of the still-then president. The Facebook advisory council, created by the company itself to act as a sort of supreme court on what content should be removed from the platform, is expected to announce this Wednesday whether to maintain or lift the veto on Trump.

The ex-president has described as Attack on freedom of expression the veto on social networks and, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis, a follower of Trump, has promoted a bill to prevent platforms from taking such measures in this state.

Since Democrat Joe Biden took office on January 20, Trump’s visibility has been greatly reduced due in part to not having Twitter or other social networks to spread their ideas and mobilize and rally their supporters.

After a period of silence, Trump announced the creation of the 45th Office of the President to communicate by email, then a website appeared and finally surprised with the news that he was creating his own platform. So far he has not confirmed whether he aspires to be a candidate in the 2024 elections, although he says he is seriously studying it.

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