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Donald Trump rejects the economic relief plan approved by the US Congress

“It really is a disgrace,” said Trump in a video posted on his Twitter account, in which he criticized helping families with undocumented immigrants.

Donald Trump
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  • Economics Agreement in the US for another stimulus package to the economy of 900,000 million dollars

The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, has rejected the economic relief law for $ 900 billion approved by Congress to address the crisis unleashed by the pandemic, stating that the legislation it’s a “shame” and demanding “amendments”.

“It really is a disgrace,” Trump said in a video posted on his Twitter account, in which he criticized helping families with undocumented immigrants, including a budget for museums, and also making provisions to help others. passes and asked for increased aid for the neediest people stipulated at $ 600. On the latter, Trump asked that the amount of aid increases to $ 2,000 or $ 4,000 for a couple.

The relief plan, considered essential for the world’s greatest power, was approved after months of arduous negotiations and within days of many unemployed exhausting all their benefits, at a time when the Covid-19 it advances uncontrollably threatening the recovery of the economy. But it cannot come into force without the signature of the president. And in his video Trump implies that he is not willing to sign it without the aforementioned changes.

The Republican president is in fact asking for a “proper” amended bill to be sent to him, otherwise, he warned that it could depend on “the next Democratic administration” led by Joe Biden, which takes office on January 20, adopt a stimulus plan.

Little to do with Covid-19

“I am going to ask Congress to immediately get rid of the unnecessary issues and waste of this legislation,” said the president, even though the White House has been involved in negotiations on the text through the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

The project is part of a broader package that includes the budgets for next year, so it includes items for culture or foreign aid.

“It is called the aid law for the Covid but it has almost nothing to do with the Covid”added the president, citing the negotiated initiative as a jumble of issues such as the aid contained in the text for Cambodia or Burma and the financing for the Egyptian Army when the latter – he said – “is going to buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment.”

He also regrets that the text provides millions of dollars to promote “democracy and gender programs” in Pakistan, or for cultural institutions in the United States.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democrat, Nancy Pelosi Reaction on Twitter: “Republicans repeatedly refused to say how much the president wanted for direct checks. Finally, the president agrees to $ 2,000, Democrats are ready to bring this to the table this week and approve it by consensus. Let’s do it!”.

And the republican senator Lindsey Graham He said on his side that although the aid plan is “imperfect”, it needs to come into force. “The sooner the better,” he wrote on Twitter.

Joint work

Democrats and Republicans had reached an agreement in principle on measures including, in particular, checks payable to most vulnerable families, aid to small businesses and schools, additional unemployment benefits of $ 300 per week, as well as the equitable distribution of vaccines against the Covid-19.

The world’s largest economy entered a deep recession in the spring, the worst since the 1930s, due to the closure of activities resolved in various areas to contain the new coronavirus, something that caused massive unemployment.

The pandemic has had new peaks in recent months, slowing down job creation and the resumption of activity that began in the summer. The first official assistance plan, for the enormous amount of $ 2.2 trillion, had been voted on urgently in late March, during the initial wave of the pandemic. And it included one-time unemployment benefits of $ 600 per week and the sending of checks for $ 1,200 to each adult.

The president-elect Biden I already advanced this Tuesday that the aid plan for $ 900 billion it was “a first step,” but it would not be enough, and he said he would ask Congress next year to vote on a new initiative to support the US economy. “We have to work involving both parties (Republican and Democratic). This is how we will move forward,” stressed Biden.

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