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Donald Trump returns to the race for the White House more “angry” and “committed” than ever


The former president kicked off his campaign Saturday with two rallies in New Hampshire and South Carolina, criticized for his lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Donald Trump, during a campaign event in Colombia (South Carolina), this Saturday.PA
  • politics Trump announces his candidacy for the White House in 2024: “The return of America begins now”
  • USA Joe Biden reaches the middle of his term without clarifying whether he will present himself in 2024

Not even the string of pending cases with the courts seem to have slowed down the impetus to recover what he claims was stolen from him at the polls in November 2020. Donald Trump returned to the path of political rallies on Saturday hoping to win presidential re-election and after two months of relative silence, with the question of to what extent the wear and tear of the pending investigations by the official papers retained in his Florida mansion, and his role in the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, will make a dent in his victory options.

The Republican, who launched his campaign two months ago, reappeared in two small squares, the first at an institute in Salem, New Hampshire, and the second at the Columbia state house in South Carolina, before a smaller audience than it used to gather. in previous campaigns but with a style traced to the one that has marked his political career. Trump has made lies and disqualification his hallmarks and, for the moment, it does not seem willing to change the strategy.

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His speeches on Saturday were reminiscent of his first ones he gave in 2016, when he managed to prevail in his party’s primaries and eventually defeat Hillary Clinton on his way to the White House. The millionaire recovered his old promises, such as reinforcing the border and continuing with a wall that he left incomplete and that it has not served to stop illegal crossings into the United States. In fact, they have increased in recent years.

The candidate for the White House said, as he did then, that the immigrants who arrive in search of asylum and a better future are “rapists” and “murderers”, charging against the government of Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, the Mexican president, and bragging of having imposed his law with the program of stay in mexico that forced immigrants to stay on the other side of the border while they processed their asylum application.

That’s right, he said this time be “angrier than ever and more committed now than before”in an apparent direct message towards what seems to be his main rival to beat among the Republicans, the governor of Florida Ron De Santis, and also his way of silencing the voices that have been speculating about the wear and tear that the former president and the dent that the investigations that are pending have made.

On the one hand, there are the recommendations of the congressional committee that investigated the assault on the Capitol in which a police officer and several Trump supporters died. They suggest to the Department of Justice that they present four charges that would disqualify the tycoon for any public office, including insurrection and conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States. And on the other, the investigation into the classified papers that Trump improperly retained in his Florida mansion and which he refused to return, in the hands of a special prosecutor after the appointment of Merrick Garland, the US attorney general.

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A magazine article New York published in December spoke of the bill that the years of the presidency had passed to Trump and that “the magic had been lost”, citing sources close to advisers and former advisers. The former president did not hesitate to insult the journalist who wrote the article through his social network, Truth Social. She said it was “unattractive” and “dumber than a stone”, in addition to ensuring that the magazine is giving its last legs.

Chris Sununu, governor of New Hampshire and one of the names speculated to be on that primary list, referred to the former president’s lack of enthusiasm. “He no longer has the energy of before”, he indicated in an interview with CNN, convinced that he will not be able to repeat the achievement of 2016, when he won the New Hampshire primary. “He has a chance, but I doubt he’ll make it,” he stated. “He is going to have to earn it. It is not enough to have been the president.”

However, it seems clear that Trump is starting the campaign from one of the most compromised and weak positions of his political career, with some of his former contributors turning their backs on him and the party leadership encouraging other candidates to run, eager to renew the formation. .

“There is no doubt that former President Trump has lost some independent people and people from his base,” said Jim Renacci, a former congressman from Ohio and one of the New Yorker’s faithful. “He has to work to get them back.”

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In that he is, insisting on the formula that gives good results he gave him six years ago. At the rallies on Saturday there was no lack of disqualifications that his followers are so excited about. De DeSantis said that it is “very disloyal” and accused him of having closed his State during the pandemicunlike other Republican governors who had opposed measures to prevent contagion during the worst months of the pandemic.

He also did not forget the current president Joe Biden, of which he highlighted the humiliating defeat suffered in the Democratic Party primaries in New Hampshire in 2020, when he came in fifth place. “He lost badly and it was a hard time for him,” he said. The polls show that Trump will not have it easy either to impose his candidacy, with Ron De Santis as the favorite of Republican voters. The governor of Florida leads by 12 points, according to the University of New Hampshire. Trump is obliged to step on the accelerator, to bring more enthusiasm to his cause.

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