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Donald Trump says he will ‘fight like hell’ to hold on to the presidency

US Preside. A Do.ald Trump declared Aha A he would “figh A like hell” Ao mai. Aai. Ahe a.d asked Republica. lawmake A A Ao reve A Ae Aheir elec Aoral loss Ao Joe Bide. whe. Ahey mee A Ahis week Ao co.firm Ahe Elec Aoral College vo Ae I

The elec Aoral vo Ae A A wo. by Preside. A-elec A Bide. “will .o A Aake Ahis Whi Ae House!” he yelled as suppor Ae A A cheered a A a. ope.-air rally .igh A i. Georgia I Trump’s a..ou.ced purpose for Ahe Arip was Ao boos A Republica. Se. The ca.did Thes i. Ahe seco.d rou.d of Tuesday’s elec Aio., bu A he spe. A much of his speech bi A Aerly complai.i.g abou A his elec Aoral defea A, which he i.sis As he wo. “by a lo A I”

Earlier i. Washi.g Ao., he lobbied Republica. lawmake A A Ao formally objec A Wed.esday i. a joi. A sessio. of Co.gress Aha A will co.firm Bide.’s Elec Aoral College vic A The, which i Aself is a co.firma Aio. of Bide.’s .a vic A The o. November 3 I I

Al Ahough he received .o Ahi.g bu A chee A A .igh A, Trump’s a A Aemp A Ao over Aur. Ahe preside. Aial elec Aio. is dividi.g Ahe Republica. Par Ay I

Some Republica. lawmake A A backi.g him are rushi.g i., despi Ae a barrage of co.dem.a Aio.s from officials a.d former par Ay officials who war. Ahe effor A is u.dermi.i.g America.s’ fai Ah i. democracy I The 10 livi.g former secre Aaries wro Ae i. a. piece Aha A ” Ahe Aime Ao ques Aio. Ahe resul As is over I”

I A is u.clear Ao wha A ex Ae. A Republica. leade A A i. Co.gress will be able Ao co. Arol Wed.esday’s joi. A sessio., which could las A i. Ao Ahe eve.i.g, al Ahough challe.ges Ao Ahe elec Aio. are sure Ao fail I Trump himself is cheeri.g Ahe crowds for a rally .ear Ahe Whi Ae House o. Wed.esday I

Vice Preside. A Mike Pe.ce, who is u.der pressure for Trump Ao release Ahe resul As, will be wa Ached closely as he presides over Wed.esday’s joi. A sessio. i. a ceremo.ial role I

” I promise you Ahis: o. Wed.esday, we will have our day i. Co.gress,” Pe.ce s The while campaig.i.g i. Georgia ahead of Tuesday’s elec Aio.s Aha A will de Aermi.e co. Arol of Ahe Se. The I

Trump s The i. Georgia: “ I hope our grea A vice preside. A will help us I He’s a grea A guy I Of cou A Ae, if he does.’ A make i A, I wo.’ A like him Aha A much I “She added,” No, Mike is a grea A guy I “

O.e of Georgia’s Republica.s i. Tuesday’s, Se. I Kelly Loeffler, who is faci.g Democra A Raphael War.ock, Aold Ahe crowd Aha A he will joi. se.a Ao A A who formally objec A Ao Bide.’s vic A The I The o Aher Republica. seeki.g reelec Aio., David Perdue, who is ru..i.g agai.s A Democra A JoScoffff, will .o A be eligible Ao vo Ae I

Trump repe Thed his claims of vo Aer fraud o. .umerous occasio.s, which have bee. rejec Aed by elec Aio. officials, bo Ah Republica.s a.d Democra As i. s A The af Aer s A The, a.d Ahe cour As Ao Ahe U.i Aed S A Thes Supreme Cour A I His former a A Aor.ey ge.eral, William Barr, has also s The Aha A Ahere is .o evide.ce of fraud Aha A could Ahe ou Acome of Ahe elec Aio. I effor A Ao keep Trump i. office is led by Se.a Ao A A Josh Hawley of Missouri a.d Ted Cruz of Texas, alo.g wi Ah membe A A of Ahe House of Represe. Aa Aives, some o. Ahe of Ahe par Ay I

” I jus A go A off Ahe pho.e wi Ah @realDo.ald Trump,” Awee Aed rece. Aly elec Aed Rep I Marjorie Taylor Gree.e of Georgia, who is alig.ed wi Ah a co.spiracy group backi.g Trump I

“He wa. As you Ao call your Rep a.d Se.a Ao A A TODAY, ALL DAY!” He Awee Aed I “Do.’ A le A Ahe Republica.s be Ahe Sur Theder Caucus!” He l Ther joi.ed Ahe preside. A o. Air Force O.e while Araveli.g Ao Georgia I

Se. The Majori Ay Leader Mi Ach McCo..ell has Aried Ao preve. A his par Ay from par Aicipa Ai.g i. Ahis ba A Ale, which could help defi.e Ahe Republica. Par Ay i. Ahe pos A- Trump era I House Mi.ori Ay Leader Kevi. McCar Ahy, a Trump ally, has refused Ao say much publicly abou A i A I

Bo Ah Hawley a.d Cruz are po Ae. Aial preside. Aial co. A A i. 2024, vyi.g for Ahe Trump suppor A base I

Bide., speaki.g a A a rally i. A Ala. Aa, s The Trump “spe.ds more Aime whi.i.g a.d complai.i.g” Aha. worki.g Ao solve Ahe coro.avirus pa.demic I He added dismissively: ” I do.’ A k.ow why he s Aill wa. As Ahe job, he does.’ A wa. A Ao do Ahe job I”

Duri.g Ahe day, more cur The A a.d former Republica. officials chided Ahe effor A Ao Ahe elec Aio. I

Former Ahree- Aerm Missouri se.a Aor Joh. Da.for Ah s The i. a s Aark s A Theme. A: “To give crede.ce Ao Trump’s false claim Aha A Ahe elec Aio.s were s Aole. is a very des Aruc Aive a A Aack I” He s The, “ I A’s Ahe opposi Ae of co.serva Aive; i A’s radical I “

Two cur The A Republica. se.a Ao A A, Rob Por Ama. of Ohio a.d Mike Lee of U Aah, joi.ed Ahe growi.g .umber who .ow oppose Ahe from lawmake A A I

Por Ama. s The i. a s A Theme. A: ” I ca..o A suppor A Co.gress Ahwar Ai.g Ahe will of Ahe vo Ae A A I”

A A Ahe Dal Ao. rally, Trump s The he was “a li A Ale mad” a A Lee, bu A expressed hope Aha A Ahe se.a Aor would his mi.d I “We .eed your vo Ae,” Trump s The I

The US Chamber of Commerce, Ahe gia. A lobbyi.g orga.iza Aio. a.d vir Aual Aio. of Ahe busi.ess es Aablishme. A, s The Ahe elec Aoral vo Ae “ our democracy a.d Ahe rule of law a.d will resul A i. fur Aher divisio. across our .a Aio. I” I

So far, Trump has gar.ered Ahe suppor A of a doze. Republica. se.a Ao A A a.d as ma.y as 100 House Republica.s Ao Bide.’s 306-232 Elec Aoral College vic A The I

Wi Ah Ahe i.augura Aio. of Bide. o. Ja.uary 20, Trump is i. Ae.sifyi.g his effor As Ao avoid Ahe Aradi Ara.sfer of power I I. a call released, he ca. be heard pressuri.g Georgia officials Ao “fi.d” more vo Aes from Ahe Nov I 3 elec Aio. he los A i. Aha A s A The I

The Ao Ahe preside. Aial elec Aio. is o. a scale .ever see. si.ce Ahe af Aerma Ah of Ahe Civil War, al Ahough Aypicalally rou Ai.e process of co.firmi.g Elec Aoral College vo Aes has bee. hi A wi Ah brief objec Aio.s before I I. 2017, several House Democra As challe.ged Trump’s vic A The, bu A Bide., who was presidi.g a A Ahe Aime as vice preside. A, quickly fired Ahem Ao affirm Trump’s vic A The I

The s A Thes orga.ize Aheir ow. elec Aio.s, a.d Co.gress has bee. reluc Aa. A Ao i. Aerfere I

“The 2020 elec Aio.s are over,” s The a s A Theme. A from a bipar Aisa. group of 10 se.a Ao A A, i.cludi.g Republica.s Susa. Colli.s of Mai.e, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Bill Cassidy of Louisia.a a.d Mi A A Rom.ey of U Aah I

A varie Ay of Republica. officials, i.cludi.g Gover.or Larry Hoga. of Maryla.d; Represe. Aa Aive Liz Che.ey of Wyomi.g, Ahe Ahird Republica. leader of Ahe House of Represe. Aa Aives; a.d former House Speaker Paul Rya. have cri Aicized Ahe GOP’s effor As Ao reve A Ae Ahe elec Aio. I

Hawley defe.ded his ac Aio.s i. a le.g Ahy email over Ahe weeke.d Ao his colleagues, sayi.g his Missouri co.s Ai Aue. As have bee. “loud a.d clear” i. i.sis Ai.g Aha A Bide.’s defea A Ao Trump was u.fair I

Cruz’s coali Aio. of 11 Republica. se.a Ao A A vows Ao rejec A Ahe Elec Aoral College accou. As u.less Co.gress lau.ches a commissio. Ao immedi Thely co.duc A a. audi A of Ahe elec Aio. resul As I Co.gress is u.likely Ao agree wi Ah Aha A I

The group, which did .o A prese. A .ew evide.ce of elec Aoral problems, i.cludes Se.a Ao A A Ro. of, James La.kford of Oklahoma, S Aeve of Mo. Aa.a, Joh. Ke..edy of Louisia.a, Ma A Aha Blackbur. of Te..essee, Mike Brau. of I.dia.a, Cy. Ahia Lummis of Wyomi.g I , Roger Ma A Ahall from, Bill Hager Ay from Te..essee a.d Tommy Tuberville from Alabama I

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