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Donald Trump y Rudy Giuliani, ¿ruptura a la vista?


The president, outraged by the lack of support from his lawyer after the assault on the Capitol, would have decided not to pay the bills of up to $ 20,000 a day for the unsuccessful campaign of legal actions for alleged electoral fraud

Rudy Giuliani's speech at the Donald Trump supporters' rally on the day of the assault on the Capitol.
Rudy Giuliani’s speech at the Donald Trump supporters’ rally on the day of the assault on the Capitol.MICHAEL REYNOLDSEFE
  • USA The House of Representatives approves the second impeachment of Donald Trump with the support of ten Republicans
  • Opinion Giuliani, the fallen hero

Donald Trump reportedly stopped paying his personal attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, and doesn’t even want to get on the phone with him. According The Washington Post, the president is outraged and has decided not to pay the bills of up to 20,000 dollars a day (16,500 euros) that the former mayor of New York has passed him for his unsuccessful campaign of up to 200 legal actions for alleged electoral fraud.

Neither of them has confirmed for the moment that the rupture has been consummated (Giuliani denies that he even asked him for this money). Other information, however, suggests that Giuliani could tandem with another attorney, John Eastman, in defense of Trump during the second ‘impeachment’.

Apparently, Trump is also frustrated by the Giuliani’s silence after the incidents of January 6, after have actively participated in the demonstration that preceded the assault on the Capitol and having said verbatim: “I am willing to bet my reputation on the fact that there was criminal behavior [en las elecciones] We are going to have trial by combat! “

Giuliani has assured that this last sentence was not a call to arms but rather a cry for justice, taken directly from Tyrion Lannister (the dwarf from ‘Game of Thrones’) when he defends himself in the famous series for a murder of which he is accused and that he did not commit.

However, the expression can be interpreted as “incitement to insurrection” by the prosecutor. Michael Sherwin, which claims to be investigating “numerous participants” in the act of ‘Save America’ that preceded the violence (including Trump and Giuliani himself). A group of Former colleagues at the Manhattan District Attorney have revealed their stupor and outrage seeing the one designated as “man of the year” by Time magazine and “mayor of America” ​​in 2001, for his role after the 9/11 attacks, fall so low.

Giuliani, who rose to prominence as a federal prosecutor in the New York mafia trial in the 1980s and popularized his “zero tolerance” policy towards crime in his time as mayor of New York, may be forced at 76 to be held accountable for his role in the shadows during Trump’s term (he was also behind the ‘Ukrainegate’ scandal, the dirty war attempt against Joe Biden that earned the president his first ‘impeachment’).

The truth is Giuliani has not raised his head since his failed bid as a candidate in the Republican primaries in 2008, in which he ended up supporting John McCain in front of Barack. He was about to present himself as Governor of New York, but in the end decided to focus his efforts on his own office, Giuliani Partners.

At 2016 he endorsed the candidacy of Donald Trump and for a time was even on the roulette of aspiring secretary of state. At 2018At the climax of the ‘Russiagate’ (Russian interference in the elections), Giuliani joined the president’s legal team. His debut as a personal lawyer also coincided with the last blows of the porn star Stormy Daniels scandal and the $ 130,000 that Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, allegedly paid to buy his silence.

Own Giuliani was in evidence last year in the sequel to ‘Borat’, where he could be seen touching his genitals in an embarrassing scene before actress Maria Bakalova, who was playing the role of the vulgar journalist from Kazakhstan (the former mayor of New York claimed he was simply taking off the microphone).

The total ridicule occurred however the November 7, at the same time that Joe Biden was proclaimed as the winner in the elections. Giuliani called a press conference to report on the legal initiatives against the results in Pennsylvania. The chosen place was the Four Seasons, but by mistake the reservation was made not at the centrally located luxury hotel in Philadelphia but at a garden center (Four Seasons Total Landscaping) in a desolate parking lot and next to a sex shop.

He November 19th, in another bizarre press conference, Giuliani reiterated the accusations of electoral fraud and communist conspiracy while he began to sweat dye down his sideburns, in another of the scenes that made Donald Trump himself lose patience, frustrated by the little progress on their legal tricks. The president even considered a total ‘remake’ of his legal team, although he continued to count on him until the same day.

In the days that followed January 6, Trump took good note of who came to the foreto defend him and who does not. Among those who preferred to remain silent was not only Rudolph Giuliani, but also his own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, your press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and your Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. “The president feels very hurt,” White House sources acknowledged to The Washington Post. “There is no one left in his environment”.

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