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Donald Trump’s defeat leaves the Visegrad group an orphan

Friday, 20 November 2020 – 01:36

The axis formed by Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic loses an ideological and strategic ally with the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House. The EU hopes that EU policy will return to normal and an end to internal divisions

Prime Minister h

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at a European summit.

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    Europe and the autumn of bewilderment

President Donald Trump’s first visit to Europe was to Poland, a country that became strategic ally in Europe. His first wife, Ivana, was born in the former Czechoslovakia and his second, Melania, in Slovenia. And to add anecdote to the chronicle of color between Washington and Eastern Europe, Joe Biden spent his honeymoon in Hungary, a country he knows well and retains fond memories of, although he was the first in the European Union to declare his love. to Trump and from which most

attacks has received throughout the campaign. Your Prime Minister,

Viktor Orban

, accused the Democratic Party of “moral imperialism” and through its media conglomerate stoked the attacks on the son of the Democratic candidate for having received money from China and Ukraine. Orban endorsed Trump’s obsession with

Hunter Biden

, providing feedback on his feelings for the American philanthropist of Hungarian origin George Soros, whose university he expelled from Hungary, thereby opening a

dispute with Brussels

. According to Orban’s chief of staff, Gergely Gulyas, the enemy Soros has contributed to Biden’s campaign, all the more reason to be on the other side. In the relations of the countries of the so-called Visegrad group with the United States there is a pool of interests and viscera that, for various reasons, both Orban, the Pole Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the Slovenian Janez Jansa have tried to take advantage of their success in the last four years. for and against the EU. And vice versa. Trump has used the European eastern flank, especially Poland, to open

fractures in Brussels

. Poland is the only country in the EU where Trump is valued positively by the majority of the population. The reasons for this condition are various. Trump has given Poland the security balm that Poland needs to assuage its fears of Russia by strengthening its military presence in the country, he promised them support in the development of their nuclear energy program and became the spokesman for the

opposition to the Nord Stream II gas pipeline

, a German-Russian project that Trump calls a threat to European security. To make himself more loved, Trump supported the “Three Seas” initiative proposed by Poland as an alternative to Nord Stream II and Poland has been the country chosen for the stationing of troops that

Trump has ordered withdrawal from Germany

as punishment for his late payment in increasing his contribution to NATO. It is quite possible that Biden will maintain military, business and security relations with Poland, but analysts venture that this country will surely cease to be his

strategic ally in Europe

. Clues has given in the course of an interview with the ABC chain: “Look what is happening in Belarus, in Poland and Hungary. We are witnessing a resurgence of totalitarian regimes in the world. Our current president supports all these thugs”, stated Biden, who has also criticized homophobia in Poland. “I’ll be clear. LGBTQ rights are human rights and LGBT free zones have no place in the EU or anywhere else in the world,” he wrote on Twitter. Trump’s defeat leaves the Visegado ideologically orphans, a loss the Slovenian prime minister is reluctant to accept.

Janez Janša

He is still the only European leader who has yet to congratulate Biden. “It has been the media and not an official body who announced a winner, but there are ongoing lawsuits in court and we have to wait for the decision,” he argues on his Twitter account. Jansa went barefoot for Trump from the start. In October, he wrote verbatim on Twitter: “We respect the difficulties and tragic personal life of @JoeBiden and some of his political achievements years ago. But now, if elected, he will be one of America’s weakest presidents, precisely when the world free desperately needs a stronger America than ever. Come out and win @realDonaldTrump. ” The

biden win

has caught the Slovenian with the changed foot. You have seven months to rectify.

Slovenia assume the presidency of the EU in the second quarter of 2021

. Orban has congratulated Biden, but late, reluctantly and with a formula as ambiguous as his Polish counterpart,

Andrzej Duda

, personal friend of Trump. The loss of this is twofold, hence the Polish government perceives the imminent change in the White House with anxiety. One of the ideologues of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), Ryszard Legutko, has declared that the results of the US elections are “bad news for Poland and for the Western world” because “the US will fall, like Europe, into the hands of liberals. and leftists. ”

Wingless populism

Trump’s defeat cuts the wings of European nationalisms. Their defeat is that of the populism that the members of the Visegrado group practice with their anti-migration policies, through the denial of rights to the LGBTI community or to abortion and

questioning and constant breaking of the rules of the game

. “Trump was good for the Orban government. President Biden was good for the Hungarians,” sums up the mayor of Budapest, the liberal Gergely Karacsony. His colleagues in Ljubljana and Warsaw, all of them from parties in the national option, have the same opinion. And be good for the EU. “Without Trump’s impulses to divide and weaken the EU, community policy will return to normal,” says the MEP.

Sergey Lagodinski

, of the party of the German Greens. That means containment of partners in democratic drift, transatlantic coordination in foreign and security policy and reestablishment of alliances between the US and the EU and with the countries that, like France or Germany, support the Club of Twenty-seven, ties that Trump disparaged in favor of the eastern periphery.

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