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Doncic, the phenomenon that amazes and threatens Spain

A couple of games have been enough for Luka doncic revolutionize the Olympic scene in the same way that you did when you arrived in the NBA. Your display in front of Argentina in his debut in a Games (48 points, the second best scoring mark in history) and also against Japan (25 points and 33 valuation) have overturned the options of Slovenia in the betting houses. If before the tournament started, Spain It appeared only behind the United States, now it is Doncic’s team that is trading higher and has displaced the national team.

Faced with this phenomenon that amazes and scares in equal parts, the team of Sergio Scariolo in a meeting full of transcendence (10.20 hours), although the two teams already have a place for the quarterfinals. At stake will be the first of the group and escape a tie that, with the new competition system, would complicate the future. Defeat in front of Slovenia, it would leave a 50% chance of crossing with United States, the big favorite and 25% against France OR Australia. On the other hand, the victory would place as possible rivals Italy or Germany.

“What impacts me the most are not so much the numbers of DoncicBut the feeling that they seem unbeatable with him. Luka has not lost a match with the national team. He is a winner that drags a good team. It will be interesting, “he reflects. Scariolo, the Spanish coach on the impact of the genius of Ljiubliana in the game.

Untouchable from the Eurobasket

Since its overwhelming irruption in the Eurobasket of 2017, where Spain fell surprisingly flatly before Slovenia in the semifinals (72-92), Doncic has led his country to a European title, to win qualification for Tokyo against Lithuania on his track, and to be confirmed as an undisputed contender for a medal in these Games.

When he landed in the American league three years ago, there was an awareness that he was a natural talent, called to be a star. But that’s a past screen. Doncic He has run for the MVP title in the last two seasons and comparisons with the great legends have already begun to emerge. “At 22, he is already much better than I ever was,” he says. Dirk nowitzki, which has mentored his landing in the Mavericks.

The Argentine ador selection Sergio Hernandez Nor did he skimp on praise after the exhibition he gave in front of his team: “I already said it two years ago and I repeat it. Now for me he is the best player in the world, including the NBA ”.

Pulse with Ricky

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The aura of the Slovenian phenomenon has not stopped growing, to the point that many see him as the most decisive player in current basketball and the fact that the painful defeat of the 2017 European Championship is still in their memory (Dragon the Miami player was the star of that team, although Doncic finished with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists) and that he has to face some of his former teammates only adds more morbidity to the last game of this first phase.

“He is being the most decisive player in the tournament and we have a great job ahead of us to stop him and all of Slovenia, which will not be easy. But a national team is not just a player, although it is true that it has a very high influence on the game “, he values Ricky Rubio, one of the national team players who is also at a huge level (23 points and 6.5 assists on average compared to 36.5 points 6 and 6 assists from Doncic) and with which he will surely be paired, although no one rules out that this work falls to a defensive specialist like Claver or even Abalde due to their physical conditions.

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