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Doncic’s boasts are not enough against the Lakers gale with Davis and LeBron | sports

LeBron tries to get past Doncic's marking.
LeBron tries to get past Doncic’s marking.John MCCOY / AFP

The Lakers were too much of a match for Luka Doncic, the start and end of the Dallas Mavericks game in the absence of the injured Kristaps Porzingis. The champions prevailed with enormous authority (138-115).

The Slovenian guard showed his talent and fought with all the Lakers defenders who took turns in his brand, first Schröder, then Caldwell-Pope and also on occasion Kuzma and LeBron James. The 77th of the Mavericks, despite adding 27 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, could not avoid the second defeat of his team, again, too vulnerable in defense.

LeBron James and Doncic responded to how much was expected of their duel. The two took the initiative in the game of their teams, but it was Anthony Davis who began to unbalance the duel. Davis’ superiority inside the zone was overwhelming, especially in attack and he finished with 28 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. LeBron added 22 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists. But the Lakers had several other standouts in attack, especially Harrell, with 22 points and 7 rebounds, and Schröder with 18 points.

In defense, it was Marc Gasol who marked the line, with an overwhelming superiority in the rebound – he had nine sacks -, with intimidation and good help to his teammates.

The Lakers’ dominance on the rebound gave them many more options, although they also lost far more balls than the Mavericks. Marc Gasol’s mission at the Lakers includes hardly any attacking options. The Spanish pivot, who was zero in his debut against the Clippers, scored his first points in an official game with the Lakers by making two free throws. He only shot once, out of three, and missed, during the 20 minutes he was on the court.

Lakers, 138; Dallas, 115

Lakers: Schröder (18), Caldwell-Pope (8), LeBron James (22), Anthony Davis (28), Marc Gasol (2) –equipo inicial-; Markieff Morris (9), Harrell (22), Kuzma (13), Matthews (2), Caruso (6), Horton-Tucker (5) y McKinnie (3).

Dallas: Doncic (27), Hardway (10), Richardson (17), Finney-Smith (10), Powell (11) –equipo inicial-; James Johnson (4), Kleber (5), Iwundu (2), Marjanovic (6), Brunson (4), Terry (2), Cawley-Stein (0) y Burke (17).

Partial: 33-30, 36-27, 30-28 and 39-30.

Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Nets overwhelm the Celtics

The Nets of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have started at full throttle. They returned to overwhelm their rival in their second game of the season, the one that faced the Celtics (96-123), in a very similar way to how they did in their premiere on the 22nd against the Golden State Warriors (125-99).

Kyrie Irving, with an impressive offensive display, with seven triples, 37 points and eight assists, set the rhythm of the duel against the Celtics who missed their starting point guard Kemba Walker, injured. Kevin Durant confirmed the strength with which he has returned to the competition after 18 months of absence and added 29 points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals in 33 minutes.

Jayson Tatum was not successful in the shot, with a poor percentage, 9 of 22, and added 20 points and eight rebounds. Jaylen Brown was the most successful of his team in attack, with 27 points, although he missed all four triples he tried.

The quality and consistency of team play, that of the Miami Heat, prevailed over the individual flashes of the New Orleans Pelicans star duo (111-98). Zion Williamson, the 20-year-old who has raised the most expectations in the NBA since joining the LeBron James League in 2003, plays this season without the minute restriction due to his propensity for injuries in 2019-2020.

Against the Heat, Zion played 38 minutes – last season he averaged 22 – and showed a good showing of his potential. He captured 14 rebounds, his best mark, and 32 points, although he was discreet in the percentages, over the free throws with 10 of 15. Brandon Ingram, the 23-year-old forward that the Lakers chose in the second place of the draft of 2016 and that was part of the trade that brought Anthony Davis to the Californian team, added four triples and 28 points against the Heat.

But Miami showed the consistency that led him to play the last final, in October, against the Lakers. Despite the fact that Jimmy Butler only played 16 minutes and had four points, six rebounds and assists. But up to six Heat players had double figures, with seven triples and 23 points from Duncan Robnson; Goran Dragic’s 18 points, despite missing all four of his 3-pointers; 17 points from Adebayo, 12 from Avery Bradley, the point guard who, after his last brief stint with the Lakers, signed for Miami; and 11 from Herro and Achiuwa. 43% on triples and 29 assists illustrate the Heat’s good overall play.

With all the precautions in a competition that has just begun, in which Draymond Green still lacks and with the nuance that they have faced two rivals from the first ranks, the Golden State Warriors begin to fear another disappointing season as it was the previous one. They lost by 26 points their first game against Brooklyn (125-99) and the correction was even greater, 39 points, in the second against the Milwaukee Bucks (138-99). Stephen Curry is not fine on the shot and finished with 19 points, with 6 of 17 from the field, including 2 of 10 on 3s. Even so, he was the top scorer on his team and only rookie center James Wiseman, number two in the last draft, was with him somewhat in attack, with 18 points, in addition to eight rebounds.

The Bucks were able to recreate themselves, with an overwhelming superiority on the rebound, with 17 more sacks than their rival, and 20 triples scored, 10 more than the Warriors, and also with an excellent percentage (54%). Middleton’s six triples and 31 points; Anetokounmpo’s 15 points and 13 rebounds, with poor shooting percentages; DiVincenzo and DJ Augustin’s 13 points; or Holiday’s 12 were a simple example of how easily Wisconsin dominated the game. The Warriors accumulate 65 points behind in the first two games, the second highest total after the 71 accumulated by the Clippers in the 1987-1988 season. “Our attack was a bit scattered and disorganized. I am disappointed by that. I have to take the blame for that. I’m the head coach, ”Steve Kerr confessed.

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