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“Don’t Buy Turkey”: USA Today’s “Weird” Tip for Thanksgiving

The Today segment was inspired by proposing some seasonal savings, taking into account 6.2% food inflation in recent months. And that has been considered the highest in the last 3 decades.

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We all know that for years, turkey has been the star dish of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. However, in recent months one of the most worrying issues has been food price inflation and it is well known that after the pandemic the economy of many American families has been affected. For many it seems that the best recommendation is to skip the purchase of turkey, a segment of the episode of this Monday in “Today” is going viral for his controversial suggestion to “give up the turkey.” As part of its seasonal specials, the talk show featured NBC News correspondent Vicky Nguyen and her section focused on tips on how to save some money this holiday season What was the controversial suggestion? Skipping the turkey entirely, however his comments were met with a serious reaction.

Today anchor Kristen Welker introduced Monday’s segment relating it to inflation and supply chain issues, which drive up the prices of traditional Thanksgiving food and threaten to exclude low-income families from their vacation plans. According to Nguyen, a 6.2% increase in prices has been reported from October 2020 to October 2021, the highest inflation in three decades in that time period. According to his statements: “This situation goes beyond a simple annoyance and entered the realm of ‘real money’. And he also emphasized that some of his advice to save money this season seemed reasonable, however he warned that he is aware that omitting the turkey would be one of the most “controversial.”

He invited people to be patient, especially in cases where turkey will have to be given up. Nguyen, stated that It is the staple of Thanksgiving meal and that for many it can be very violent not to have a piece of succulent turkey on the table. However, some people think that turkey is overrated. It tends to be the most expensive thing on the table. Even being realistic about tastes and preferences, it is likely that many families prefer to have an Italian banquet.

He also emphasized the following: If you tell everyone that you are having Thanksgiving without turkey, some guests can leave the list, and that’s one way to cut costs too. Even at the time, Nguyen and Welker laughed at this advice, and Nguyen added, “I’m not recommending it, I’m just offering it.”

The truth is that the segment was clearly meant to be joyous, however for many viewers it was simply too real to laugh. The economic pressure on Americans is tough right now and it is coming from everywhere. Even joking about cutting off social and family ties to save money seemed wrong to some fans.especially after the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, The segment lent itself to some sarcastic jokes about it:Or just don’t cook at all. Then no one will come and save even more money. You can also turn off the heating, that will save money and will certainly keep people away, “added a follower wryly. Another wrote: “You realize we eat more than Thanksgiving, right?” while a third wrote: “How arrogant does the media have to be to believe that we need your help deciding how to plan Thanksgiving dinner? It’s a miracle that we all survived before they showed up. “

Finally, we have to understand that these dates are complicated for everyone and not only in economic matters. The truth is that many people come from very hard times because they have lost their family members. While any recommendation that invites us to save money today is well received. We must be very cautious and respect that the end of the year celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are much more than an expense, they are one of the few moments in the year that we have the opportunity to thank and enjoy with those we love.

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