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Don’t ignore Trump’s damage to the election. Take it seriously

(CNN) — Until the presidente Donald Trump admit the defeat and call your henchmen or the Republican Party admit defeat and acknowledge that Joe Biden is the president-elect, you still have to hold your breath a little.

That’s the truth, though the last desperate gasps of the Trump era increasingly bear a striking similarity to their origin – it all seems like a desperate joke.

When the reality star descended the golden escalators at Trump Tower back in 2015, his style of race-provocative populism seemed like a futile attempt to become relevant and launch a decadent media career. The idea that he had a chance to become president of the United States seemed ridiculous.

But, dismissed by the media and ridiculed by fellow Republicans, Trump found a way to go from conspiracy theory to conspiracy theory all the way to the White House. And then no one smiled anymore.

Now, it is Trump staying in office that seems impossible. Trump was clearly rejected by voters at the polls, nearly 6 million more people elected Biden, and his legal challenges in various states have failed.

But those demands have had a very real effect, sowing or solidifying doubts in the minds of his supporters about the election results. Now Republican officials in Michigan believe Trump’s alternate reality and want to rescind his certification of the election results in Detroit. Apparently, invited state legislators to the White House on Friday.

And Rudy Giuliani fan the flames. On Thursday afternoon, Giuliani, hair dye dripping down his face, gave a savage press conference in which he alleged a massive multi-state conspiracy to steal the president’s election. As evidence, he pointed to the votes in Philadelphia, a thinly disguised imitation of the Detroit complaint and a clear effort to disenfranchise voters in cities with large black populations.

“That press conference was the most dangerous 1 hour and 45 minutes of television in US history and possibly the craziest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re in luck, ”Chris Krebs, an election security official for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), recently fired by Trump, said on Twitter.

The multi-front conspiracy is not that millions more voters have elected Biden. It’s the growing effort to reverse the results in at least three states and undo a solid electoral defeat. It would be sad and fun if it weren’t literally ignoring voters to keep Trump in power.

And that’s why it’s extremely distressing that Trump is on the phone with Republican officials who now say they want to rescind their vote certification in Wayne County, which covers Detroit, a step that is normally just a technicality.

It is also aggravating that a person appointed by a mid-level politician, the Head of the General Services Administration (GSA), Emily MurphyDon’t take the next step – another technicality, a “check” – necessary to allow Biden’s transition to begin.

Anxiety begins to mount in unexpected places. JP Morgan, for example, exhibits the nightmare scenario for investors. How wrote CNN’s Matt Egan:

Much of Wall Street views the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn the election results as a desperate spectacle destined for failure. But JP Morgan tells its clients that there is still the possibility of this process turning into chaos. After all, it is 2020.

Michael Cembalest, president of Market and Investment strategy at JP Morgan Asset Management, warned in a report Wednesday of the “remote risk of an American horror story” and “constitutional chaos.”

Trust in votes

It wasn’t that long ago that Republican Sen. Mitt Romney from Utah led the Republican Party. Now some “reject” him, as he told David Axelrod in an “Ax Files” podcast released Thursday.

Most of the people took advantage of Romney’s comments on the consequences of Trump’s possible actions as a lame president.

Distrust of democracy. But I heard Romney say something else that totally hits the mark:

“Both here and around the world we are seeing a reduction in the confidence that people have in voting,” Romney said.

«And if people do not believe in voting and do not have confidence in voting, how can you have democracy? Because democracy is fundamentally based on people voting.

“And if the US does not believe it has a reliable vote, how can a country that has just become a democracy be expected to adopt this practice and use it as a basis for determining its future?”

The counterargument to this is that the 2020 election, despite Trump’s foolish accusations of manipulation, drew a record number of voters. For now, at least, citizens are voting. And this is good. Georgia’s manual recount of his election reaffirmed Biden’s victory over Trump and did not find widespread voter fraud, as we thought it would.

A paralyzed Senate. He also described how the Senate, which is necessary to pass any major legislation, votes very few major laws.

“Over the years, the Senate has moved and got to a point where I think there is a reluctance to vote on things that could be bad votes for members of the majority party,” Romney said.

“As a result, we don’t vote much. Not up or down, on things we agree with, but if it’s bad for Senator X, Y or Z, then we don’t want to take that vote. We very rarely vote on matters of substance. As in particular, I believe that in the two years that I have been in the Senate, we have not had a single vote on an issue related to health care, immigration, fiscal policy, climate change, and the list goes on.

Where schools are closed but restaurants are open

As more people across the country face new restrictions on schooling and movement, Greg Krieg writes about the special situation in New York City, where schools were closed after classes ended on Wednesday – so suddenly that the children left their books in the classrooms. Some excerpts from Krieg:

Poor delivery. It’s a demoralizing setback for a city that slowly reopened after seeing more than 30,000 pandemic deaths and is now facing a deadly winter surge of new covid-19 infections. The news was delivered to principals by the city’s principal of schools around 2 p.m. Wednesday, after hours of uncertainty, and sparked a fight between parents as they juggled childcare needs and job responsibilities.

Conflicting standards. Some of the public confusion, and private differences, centered on how the city and state measure positivity rates for coronavirus tests. Roughly nine months after the pandemic, they still employ different metrics to solve some of the most pressing problems facing New Yorkers.

Bars and gyms stay open! Frustration over the process and timing of the shutdown erupted almost immediately after the mayor, after hours of uncertainty, tweeted his decision. That anger was compounded by the fact that the city’s restaurants, bars, and gyms – the places where most experts say the virus is most likely to spread – remain open to limited capacities under guidelines set by the state.

Finally, reconsider Thanksgiving plans

CDC recommends against traveling for Thanksgiving 0:45

The CDC has updated your guide And now they say that you really should consider not traveling for Thanksgiving.

“The reason we did the update is the fact that during the week we saw more than a million new cases in the country,” said Dr. Erin Sauber-Schatz, CDC leader for the CDC Task Force. Community Intervention and Critical Population during the information session.

I changed my plans this week and it didn’t make me as sad as it angered me. When will this end?

I will admit that I have complained about Thanksgiving in recent years. There are messes. How to cook turkey. Where to celebrate. Who comes, who doesn’t. Traffic. Those frustrations seem silly today, like the complaints you hear from people who don’t like to celebrate their birthday.

So skip the big meal this year, but definitely celebrate your birthday. You don’t know how many more you will have.

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