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The covid certificate was implemented last Friday December 3And so it will be until January 31. It is a passport will accompany us for a minimum of 30 days, and here we will explain how to download it.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Through the service portal that the Ministry has created to group all the information on the coronavirus pandemic, the Generalitat Valenciana has assigned a special link ( from which to identify yourself with the SIP data and download all the available certificates.

The service allows download the covid passport in the case of those who have already received the coronavirus vaccine but it is also available for those who have undergone a diagnostic test such as PCR or antigen test and for those who have overcome the disease and enjoy natural immunity for 6 months.

Certificates will be issued from free form in electronic or paper version, at the request of the citizen with his SIP card. You can request it from the coronavirus portal, the GVA+ Health App or the patient portal. All of them meet the security criteria required by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. In addition, the possibility of obtaining a face-to-face certificate is contemplated through the appointment request in the counter agendas of your health center.

How to apply for the covid passport of the Valencian Community

After accessing the web, you only have to identify yourself by means of the SIP number, the date of birth and the date of issue. After receiving a confirmation message to the mobile and a security key, the user can access the download area. From there you can choose the type of certificate you want.

A person shows a vaccination passport. EFE

Types of covid certificate

exist three kinds of certificate of which the QR accreditation is collected digitally, which will contain the essential information and the digital signature that gives it validity.

  • Covid Digital vaccination certificate: It allows proof that the person has received one or two doses of one of the vaccines against covid approved by the EU. The validity of this certificate is 365 days after the date of vaccination.
  • Covid Digital recovery certificate: It digitally certifies, in the QR code, that the person has recovered from covid after having confirmed their illness through a positive PCR test. This certificate will be valid from the end of the isolation period, day 11 of the positive PCR test, until 180 days later.
  • Covid Digital test certificate: offers the accreditation that the person has a negative result of a covid diagnostic test, which can be PCR or antigen. In the case of the PCR test, the result will be valid for 72 hours and the validity of the antigen test will be 48 hours. In order to be able to accredit the results of the antigen tests, not any type of test is valid, but it must have been carried out with one of the commercial kits approved by the EU.
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