Saturday, January 22

Dozens of people affected and injured in the riots in Bogotá

The police used tear gas.

The police used tear gas.

New riots in Bogotá left this Wednesday at least 82 people affected, between the injured and those who suffered from tear gas fired by the Police, in clashes that occurred after a new day of “national strike” that was mostly peaceful. The most delicate situation occurred in the Usme neighborhood, in the south of the city, where the Red Cross attended to 77 civilians and five policemen “in the middle of the demonstrations”, which are part of the wave of protests that began last April 28 against the government’s social and economic policy.

As detailed by that body, 60 people suffered damage to the eyes and respiratory tract; 15 head, face, arm and leg injuries, and three chest, cranioencephalic or cervical traumas, among other injuries.

The demonstrations began four weeks ago against President Iván Duque and, according to official data, 19 deaths have been confirmed in connection with the protests of the 43 reported to the authorities, while the NGO Temblores reports that police violence is responsible for 43 homicides that occurred during the marches.

Tension and violence in Usme

The uniformed men clashed with protesters and hooded men in the Yomasa sector, which caused blockades that, according to the Secretary of Government of Bogotá, Luis Ernesto Gómez, prevented the passage of an ambulance that was even attacked. “Low-severity injuries in Usme are directly cared for by the Red Cross and by first aid workers from the Government Secretariat. Seriously injured are taken by ambulances to hospitals. To guarantee vehicular passage in Yomasa, police intervention was necessary,” said Gómez On twitter. He even warned that officials from the Mayor’s Office who sought to mediate between the Police and the protesters “were threatened with knives by violent protesters. “” Under such conditions, it is the Bogota Police that legitimately restores public order through the intervention of the Esmad (Mobile Anti-riot Squad), “added the Secretary of Government.

Meanwhile, councilors of Bogotá reported abuses by the Police During the day, like Diego Cancino, from the Green Alliance, who assured that there was “disproportionate use of gases” that affected “the population of the neighborhoods, leaving dozens of asphyxiated.”

In addition to the clashes in Usme, tonight there were riots in the Portal de las Américas, in western Bogotá and where there have been practically excesses every day since the demonstrations began.

Report of human rights violations

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, today delivered a report to the representative of the Office in Colombia of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Juliette de Rivero, on the alleged human rights violations occurred during the protests. According to López, contrary to the protests of last September, when ten people died during the demonstrations against the police brutality that caused the death of citizen Javier Ordóñez, in this last month of demonstrations in Bogotá, only two deaths that could have some relationship are being investigated with the mobilizations.

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