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Dramatic situation in Los Angeles: Covid-19 patients with no chance of survival will not be admitted to hospital

In the county, one person dies of coronavirus every 10 minutes and in health centers there are only 17 ICU beds left for a population of 10 million

Emergency room enabled in the parking lot of the Tarzana hospital (California)
Enabled room in the parking of a California hospital.APU GOMESAFP
  • Coronavirus Health collapse in California due to Covid-19: hospitals reject ambulances and border on the total occupation of ICU

In Los AAngeles County, a person dies with Covid every ten minutes and in hospitals there are only 17 beds left in intensive care units for a population of 10 million people. The situation is so extreme that ambulance operators have been advised not to bring in patients with little chance of survival, such as severe cardio respiratory arrest. It is better to die at home because in medical centers there is no oxygen, no means or space. Getting sick here, whatever the ailment, is almost reckless.

Another record was broken on Monday since the pandemic began. They registered 74,000 new cases in California, 11% more than the previous mark established on December 28, when 66,726 positives were reached in a single day. Regarding deaths, 379 were reached, with a daily average of 343 during the past week. No state has a picture as bleak as California, with 2.4 million cases and 27,027 deaths since the pandemic began.

As the authorities anticipate, the situation has been getting worse as the days go by and should be further aggravated by family gatherings during the Christmas holidays. The situation is so dire in some hospitals that doctors and nurses are faced daily with the decision of whom to serve and who to leave waiting. Some patients have been forced to stay in an ambulance for more than eight hours before being admitted to the hospital.

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” Hospitals are declaring internal disasters and having to open gyms to enable them as hospital units,” he said. Hilda Sols, the Los AAngeles County Supervisor. “Our medical staff is physically and mentally exhausted and ill.”

On Monday there were 7,600 people admitted with Covid in Los AAngeles, with 21% of them in the ICU. Hence, the saturation and scarcity of resources, with instructions to only administer oxygen to those patients with a blood saturation below 90%. The governor of California himself, Gavin Newsom, has organized an emergency team to get more oxygen to the centers most in need.

The strategy now is to discharge patients as soon as possible to free up beds for the most urgent cases. The problem is that the numbers still don’t square. Some 700 people were being admitted each day in Los AAngeles County around Christmas but only 500 were leaving. It is also feared that the new strain detected in December in the United Kingdom and that has already appeared in California will exacerbate the situation.

According to what is dictated by the California health authorities, among the patients who should not be sent to hospitals are those with heart attacks, no pulse, no movement, no breathing, and whose efforts to reanimating they must be carried out inside the ambulance.

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