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Drawings that jump out of the paper

Ester García Guixot observes how Gonzalo draws in a single stroke. | PILAR CORTÉS

All this is part of the project Dreaming of dinosaurs, which DaGuten develops with Gonzalo through San Rafael and which takes its name from the passion of this young man with autism for drawing dinosaurs. “It’s his biggest hobby, he has a room full of animal drawings and his dream is to paint dinosaurs all day long.”, says Kike Romá, communication manager of San Rafael, a center with which DaGuten collaborates with different activities that combine graphic arts and social inclusion.

Gonzalo has already become a regular partner of Gil and DaGuten’s educator and co-founder, Ester García; Every week he goes to draw, screen print and even stamp drawings at The October Press where the school is located, created in 2018 and specialized in serving groups with disabilities.

«We have been working with Gonzalo for a year now. Kike showed us some drawings he had made and we saw that there was a lot of potential and a lot of talent. Draw in a single stroke, it never comes off and the drawing always fits. He already had his own style with animals and dinosaurs, which is super original, with a very fresh and very expressive drawing. I love it. I freak out with their drawings, ”says David Gil, who after a while wondered why not take out a line of T-shirts, which they carried out a few months ago with four serigraphed drawings by Gonzalo that were sold in San Rafael.

Now they plan to make another batch of garments, perhaps print their designs on other media and, above all, make a book with Gonzalo’s story Through his illustrations, “we want it to be finished by the end of the year” Gil points out, to continue Dreaming with dinosaurs, which could culminate in the creation of his own graphic brand.

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On whether this activity has contributed to improving his abilities or his relationship with others, Gil points out that «it is difficult to know, but at the beginning Gonzalo was very closed and now he talks a lot more, he always wants to come to do things and sometimes he brings even to a friend.

Drawings that jump out of the paper

Kike Romá points out that collaboration with artists “normalizes their flow, improves their situation with someone to accompany them and helps them fulfill their dreams, which in Gonzalo’s case could be the beginning of a job opportunity”.

“What we like is to show that there are other methods of improving development with art and graphic arts. We bring any type of artistic expression that awakens creativity to the field of disability because it is not so widely treated in these groups ”, highlights the illustrator, who from DaGuten also develops projects in the same line with other entities in the province, such as Apsa.

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