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Dreame Bot W10 robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping and self-cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaners They have entered the home with force as a result of providing comfort and efficiency to domestic cleaning tasks. The new generations bring improvements in the technologies of mappinggood results and greater multifunctionalitywhich makes its demand grow significantly and consistently.

Among the products with sales growth appears the brand dreame which, since it was born in 2015, under the umbrella of the Xiaomi ecosystem, has been providing equipment that is well adjusted to the needs of the consumer. Presently, the model DreameBot W10, a true out of series, that vacuums, sweeps, scrubs (with two mops that press against the floor and rotate), and that integrates a self-washing base in which the mops are cleaned automatically, to be ready for the the next session, and even dries them at 40ºC to prevent the proliferation of mold or bacteria.

It has the possibility of configuring the humidity level of the mops, to adapt it to the type of floor and the degree of dirt; and there is no problem in the robot returning to the charging base with water when you are away from home, since it will be placed inside it and it does not wet the floor.

Featured Features

The equipment has a suction power of 4000 Pa, a figure that allows it to capture any dirt, dust, hair, bits of bread, cereals and other heavier particles. It has a 450 ml dust container.

The mops rotate at 180 RPM applying a pressure force of 10 Newtons, which allows deep cleaning.

The Dreame Bot W10 integrates a lidar positioning system and can store up to 3 house plans. It has a carpet detection system to only use the suction when it passes over them (or avoid them, if the user so indicates).

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It integrates a 6400 mAh battery that provides ample autonomy and facilitates cleaning. up to 300 m2 on a single charge (depending on power level, soil type, home layout, and obstacles). Has load and continueso if it doesn’t finish, it returns to the dock and once charged, resumes cleaning where it left off until it’s done.

The self-cleaning base has two 4-liter water tanks: one for clean water and one for waste water.

Product News

Like many models with laser-based LIDAR navigation, it has a single side brush since, as it locates itself in the space to be cleaned with extreme precision, it does not need to have two elements. In this case, it has 5 arms instead of the usual 3.

The main roller is wider than usual (19.2 centimeters), so it covers a larger area with each pass, which results in a faster cleaning process.

Instead of the traditional round design, the firm has opted for a D shape that makes it possible both to attach a wider brush and to facilitate cleaning in nooks and corners.

Its size is 33.4 × 31.4 × 10.55 centimeters, dimensions similar to those of other robots on the market.

The dust container has a capacity of 450 milliliters, enough to completely clean a large home. It has a high-efficiency filter that makes it possible to trap microparticles inside, avoiding contamination at home.

multifunction equipment

The scrubbing system is remarkable and, as has been shown in the tests carried out, with excellent results. It is a powerful device, a precise navigation system, and a scrubbing technology that doesn’t disappoint. It stands out for its self-washing base with two tanks, one for dirty water and the other for clean water with a capacity of 4 liters each, a system that allows you to always scrub with clean water, since the robot itself acts on the mops regular way.

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It integrates two rotating cloths that rotate at 180 revolutions per minute and exert a pressure of 10 N against the floor, to capture small amounts of liquid and semi-solid dirt, and act effectively against stains. On the other hand, thanks to its ultrasonic sensor, it detects the carpets so as not to go over them when it is in scrubbing mode. When it finishes mopping, the robot will return to the base and clean the mops, which includes drying with hot air, to prevent bad odors and the proliferation of mold and bacteria.

The Dreame Bot W10 can mop and vacuum at the same time, or perform the functions separately (only vacuum, only mop). It integrates navigation based on laser technology and adds different sensors, together with a software enhanced for remarkable and precise processing power.

It is a complete multifunction robot, to do both vacuuming and scrubbing, making it suitable for homes with pets and/or small children. Thanks to the Mi Home app, the user can establish a personalized type of cleaning.

Added values

It integrates an upgraded 19.2cm ultra-long rotating brush and 4000Pa suction force, which makes cleaning deep. The anti-tangle cleaning design, dual-rotation draper, and intelligent ultrasonic carpet recognition make it possible to properly clean on different surfaces.

Provides a cleaning system that cleans the mop and dries it with hot air, providing a healthy system. It is equipped with two independent 4L waste/clean water tanks.

It is equipped with a 6400 mAh battery and a maximum working time of 1700 minutes in silent mode, which can meet the cleaning needs of large houses. It will automatically recharge when the battery is low and return to the place where it left off to continue cleaning after charging.

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Adopt advanced LDS LiDAR navigation, with the latest artificial intelligence algorithm. Fast scanning, dynamic mapping, reasonable and efficient route planning.

The D-shaped body can clean corners effectively. Excellent ability to avoid obstacles, obstacles up to 1.8 cm. Alexa-Compatible

The Dreame Bot W10 is a new generation high-end device, with outstanding performance in all sections, being efficient and effective when it comes to vacuuming as well as mopping. This allows you to map much faster than other devices (up to 12 times faster) and navigate accurately in all conditions, even in total darkness.

Related news

The laser sensor is complemented by various sensors (motion, anti-shock, anti-fall, etc.) to interact with the environment, navigating in an orderly manner. In addition, it has an ultrasonic sensor that allows it to detect the carpets in advance, to avoid climbing on them when you are scrubbing and predictively, anticipating obstacles.

It is sold at a price of about 1100 euros.

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