Monday, November 29

Dressel does not give truce and Ledecky questions Titmus’s crown

Image of the daily swimming tests in Tokyo 2020.

Image of the daily swimming tests in Tokyo 2020.

The American Caeleb Dressel, who has already achieved two of the six gold medals to which he aspires in the Tokyo Games, showed that he can almost certainly count on a new metal in the final of the 100 butterfly, after clearly dominating the preliminary series.

The outstanding staging allowed the North American swimmer, winner of the last two World Cups, equal with a time of 50.39 seconds the Olympic record set by the Singaporean Joseph Schooling in the last Rio Games.

In this way, Dressel can boast of currently having both the Olympic record and the world record, which the North American set with a time of 49.50 in the World Cups held in the South Korean city of Gwangju in 2019.

A sample of Dressel’s superiority in a test that today seems unattainable for the rest of his rivals, including the formidable Hungarian swimmer Kristof Milak.

This was reflected in the 23 hundredths in which Caeleb Dressel surpassed the world record holder and now the new Olympic champion of the 200 butterfly, who had to settle for a time of 50.62 with second place in the preliminaries.

A round that the South African could not overcome Chad Le Clos, silver both at the London 2012 Games as in those of Rio 2016, which was left out of the semifinals by 15 hundredths.

If Dressel continued determined to prove that he has no rival in the fight for the title of “king” of swimming at the Tokyo Games, his compatriot Katie Ledecky seems ready to fight to the end the crown to the Australian Ariarne Titmus.

He made it clear this Thursday, after clearly surpassing the young ocean swimmer in the 800 series, the test where Ledecky and Titmus will face each other at these Olympic Games in Tokyo.

And is that yes Ariarne Titmus beat the North American in the 400 free and the 200, final in which Ledecky did not even manage to get on the podium, the prognosis seems different in the 800, in which the American is emerging as the great favorite.

Above all, after seeing how Katie Ledecky was ahead, with a time of 8: 15.67, by more than three seconds over the Australian, who with a time of 8: 18.99 was not only surpassed by the North American, but even by four other rivals .

American Katie Ledecky. EP

The data seems to confirm the change in trend already seen this morning in a 4×200 final, in which despite the fact that neither Ledecky nor Titmus managed to lead their country to gold, which was for China, the North American’s performance was clearly superior .

While Katie Ledecky with a sensational last post led the United States to the silver medal, Ariarne Titmus, who started the Australian relay, did not even manage to put the ocean team in the lead.

A change in trend that the American hopes to confirm in the final next Saturday with a clear victory in the 800, which will tip the balance in her favor in the fight for the title of “queen” of these Games.

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