Saturday, March 25

Driver was asleep when thieves stole jewelry worth millions

  • Thieves stole millions of dollars in jewelry and gems from a Brink’s truck in July.
  • The lawsuit states one driver was away getting food for 27 minutes while the other was asleep during the heist.
  • The jewelers involved are seeking $100 million in damages and $100 million in restitution from Brink’s.

LOS ANGELES – One of the drivers of a Brink’s tractor-trailer was asleep and parked near a remote California rest stop earlier this summer when thieves stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry and gemstones, according to a lawsuit filed by the security company.

While the second driver was getting food inside the rest stop early July 11 – spending nearly 30 minutes away from the vehicle – the thieves stole 22 bags of jewelry from the vehicle and fled.

The heist nabbed a haul that’s been described by some as worth less than $10 million and others as roughly $100 million and the value is now the subject of two lawsuits filed this month. If the latter figure is accurate, it would be one of the largest jewelry thefts in modern history.

But Brink’s, in a federal lawsuit filed Aug. 4 in New York, stated that the pickup manifests signed by the jewelers reported a total of $8.7 million worth of merchandise in the 22 stolen bags.

The security company’s lawsuit alleges that the jewelers under-declared the value of the items that were being transported and the company is only responsible for the declared value.

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