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Drivers get off in the middle of the highway to collect 50-euro bills

Banknotes collected on the asphalt. / SOUTH DAILY

In Marbella

The money flew out after an accident. Those involved told the agents that they had about 20,000 euros in cash

The easy headline could be “money rain in Marbella”. And it would not be uncertain, although it would lend itself to misunderstandings, because it was not precisely the lottery that has won the city. Well, or yes, because someone has come out with an extra pay in the glove compartment, even if the guy has risked -in addition to committing recklessness- to get it.

The unusual scene took place this Monday, January 30, shortly before half past eleven in the morning. A car in which some men of Arab origin were traveling has had an accident with another vehicle. So far everything normal, a claim of material damage.

However, the Arab citizens carried in the car a bag with a sum of cash and, due to the accident, the bills (of 50 euros) flew out and filled with money the road in the Cádiz direction of the A-7 motorway (kilometre 181), at the height of the exit of the La Cañada shopping center.

If the scene was unusual, the reaction of some drivers was even more so. In the videos that circulate on social networks, you can see several people walking along the asphalt while collecting the tickets scattered on the ground. In fact, the accumulation of cars momentarily blocked the road in the Cádiz direction.

The operators of the 112-Andalucía emergency system mobilized the Civil Guard, the National Police and the Local Police of Marbella, as well as the road maintenance service of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

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After dissolving the retentions, National Police agents made inquiries to verify the amount of money that those involved in the accident had inside the car. Apparently, according to their statements, they had about 20,000 euros in cash.

It must be remembered that the amount of money that a citizen can carry on the street is regulated by Law 10/2010 of April 28 and was legislated in this way to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. This regulation sets the limit within Spain at 100,000 euros. When leaving or entering the country, it must also be taken into account that the limit is 10,000 euros.

In case of carrying a greater amount of cash, it must be accompanied by a signed statement that justifies this movement of money. In it, the carrier, owner, recipient, sender, amount, nature, origin, intended use, itinerary and mode of transport must be specified.

If they do not provide this documentation, or it is poorly prepared, the authorities may penalize the person carrying the money with amounts between 600 euros and up to 50% of the value of the means of payment used (cash, bearer checks or cash cards). . Even if there are other indications, an arrest and the seizure of the money can be carried out until its origin is proven.

In the case of Marbella, the sources indicated that those involved were allowed to go freely since the amount they supposedly had in the car would in any case be less than the maximum of 100,000 euros allowed by law. It has not been revealed how much they have lost and how many tickets they managed to recover after the accident.

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