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Drone flight saves Tokyo from disenchantment

  • The appearance in the Tokyo sky of 1,824 drones, drawing the globe in perfect harmony, was the only moment of risk, suspense and impact of the inauguration

  • “Japan, which is pure technology and modernity, should have been more ‘agosarat’, betting on top innovation”, says Josep Roca, Director of Ceremonies of Barcelona-92

  • “As I watched the ceremony, I remembered Barcelona, ​​Athens, Beijing, London, Rio, and I was gradually disappointed”, says Juli Capella, architect and designer

Are Japan and you have to petar it. They are watching you from thousands of corners of the world, hundreds of millions of people. And you Japan you are modernity personified, the others are many things, but you, Japan, are the bomb, you are manga, youth and much more than that. You are pure technology, the never seen before, you live in the year 2072 while others live in 2021 and say they are preparing things, ways of life, of communication, for 2030, when you have already experienced them and you have them working in some corner of that country that is the outpost of the world, because your trains fly on rails without touching them.

True, it is true, you have had the worst moment to organize such a beast, such a planetary event, as some Olympic GamesYou have half society against it and even more than one senior leader, even the head of the organization, screw up the beast the day before the opening ceremony and you stay in the picture. But you are Japan and, for the first time, you have the possibility of playing with the entire stadium to yourself, without an audience (there were only 1,000 guests in a venue with 68,000 seats) and you didn’t invent any tricks so that, suddenly, I don’t know, thousands of robots appeared, that in which you too, Japan, you are a pioneer.

Blessed drones

If it hadn’t been for that beastly, brutal, almost animalistic, prodigious, unique, ingenious, yes, futuristic spectacle, that’s what I meant, of enormous risk, of programming 1,824 drones to draw in the sky of Tokyo (My God, That seen from the window of the living room of any inhabitant of the capital must have been shocking!) the pictograph of the Olympic Games and a world map, a lavish globe, your ceremony, dear Japan, great Japanese, would have come to nothing. Or in little.

“Japan, which is pure technology and modernity, should have been more ‘agosarat’, betting on top innovation”, says Josep Roca, Director of Ceremonies of Barcelona-92

Because you saved the ignition of the cauldron for last and many of us believed that you had the bomb there. Sorry, the crush. And no, your last reliever was the controversial tennis player, Japanese, yes, but who lives in the US, world No. 1, true too, but who hates (or fears) the press. And, above all, a beautiful design of the cauldron, but little (or nothing) more. And you are Japan! And that world that flips in colors, in manga, in the future with you, I expected much more from your ingenuity, from your knowing how to discover what is coming to us … which is that drone balloon with which you saved your prestige.

“Maximum respect, maximum! In the face of such a difficult, so complicated, so adverse, so twisted situation. I swear that I could not say, tell, explain what we would have done if, in 1992, the organization of the Olympic Games fell in the middle of a plague like this, “he explains. Josep Roca, Director of Ceremonies of Barcelona-92. “But, yes, I, being Japan, would have been more powerful, in Catalan I would say ‘agosarat’. I would have risked more and used technology in an amazing way, to the fullest, sleeve, modernity, which is what they are leaders in. “

Big applause

For Roca, whose ceremony, well, that of the 92 crush barely lasted three hours, the five hours of Tokyo-2020 (in 2021) were excessive. “I repeat, the starting point was horrible, but I thought they were going to break it at the ceremony, because that is where the country, the city, the organization expect the best of you. In the case of Japan, it is certainly tradition, cleanliness, perfection, enormous solidarity with all those affected and rescuers from the pandemic! But also originality, suspense, risk. I repeat, I do not compare and for that I applaud them. They did not have it easy ”.

“As I watched the ceremony, I remembered Barcelona, ​​Athens, Beijing, London, Rio, and I was gradually disappointed”, says Juli Capella, architect and designer

“I think of other ceremonies and I feel desolation, a certain disappointment. I no longer speak of the madness of Barcelona, ​​no, he spoke of the fun sea of ​​Athens, the thousands of extras from Beijing, the film exhibition, with James Bond, included, from London, the power and samba, equally excessive, from Rio … I don’t know, Tokyo-2020, in 2021, it has disappointed me a little bit ”, he explains. Juli Capella, architect and designer, who have loved two “sensational moments, yes, my eyes popped out of my face”, the flight of the 1,824 drones, they see it, they see it! and the “great, captivating, very attractive” Tricicle scenography of the representation of the pictograms of each sport.

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Capella expected more from the country of the next century. “When I saw that the ceremony began with an athlete, alone, in the whole stadium, on a treadmill, which is the denial of sport! I thought, ‘meow, we started badly’. And it is that I adore them, it seems to me that organizing all kinds of ceremonies are unique and here they have failed. It may, yes, because of all the circumstances surrounding these Olympics and, even, they tell me about internal problems in their organization and the opposition from their fellow citizens, they have been repressed or, who knows, they are somewhat sad, melancholic ”.

Anna Llanas, Bachelor of Art History and director of Mediapro, agrees with these opinions but defends, above all, “the simplicity of everything, the neatness of the scenes and images, the tremendous synchronization, the exceptional camera movements, everything was very measured.” According to Llanas, the scene of the Olympic rings “born from trees planted after the Olympic Games of 64”, print a special emotion, which, indeed, in the end, in the scene of the lighting of the cauldron, I would have wanted something “that would have made me exclaim Whoa, guys, you guys have blown it! And that has not happened. But, I insist, everything has been very clean and very measured ”.


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