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Dubai: A Fascinating Mystery – Jessica Alba and Zac Efron’s New Travel Ad Continues Captivating Saga | Films

IIf you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that neither Jessica Alba nor Zac Efron are very good at hiding their disdain for Hollywood. It’s been a decade since Alba has acted in anything that comes close to a high-profile role, preferring to focus on her consumer goods company. Efron, meanwhile, made a Netflix documentary last year in which he repeatedly scheduled Hollywood and its practices.

However, despite this, they are both attractive and well-known actors. And this means that if they are tired of Hollywood, there are many other means available to them. And by ‘many other outlets’, I mean ‘the Dubai tourist office’.

In silence, without anyone noticing, Efron and Alba have made a series of miniature films to promote Dubai. The fifth fell yesterday and, frankly, it is a marvel. In the 96 seconds of duration Dubai: a fascinating mystery , Alba plays a visiting professor who concludes a fascinating lecture on whatever she is a professor of. Then Efron interrupts and takes her on an adventure that consists largely of an old man pointing out things. Some heavyweights appear. There is a car chase. Efron reveals that, as a professional archaeologist, he is not used to such an adventure. Some heavier ones appear. Some heavier ones appear. Efron drives a car in reverse. The end.

And if you loved it, there are many more where it came from. Dubai: a captivating saga Over a month ago, he watched Alba shed her love interest Efron to ride a camel in the middle of the desert and receive some vaguely Live Laugh Love advice from an old woman in a tribe. Dubai: a new you is a buddy comedy in which Efron is visited by himself from the future, and then they go skydiving. Dubai: a romance to remember it’s a terrifyingly accurate tribute to Wes Anderson. Dubai: a five-star mission is a spy prank about an unhappily married couple who go skydiving.

Now, there are many things to criticize about these videos. Not only are Efron and Alba abandoning their morals to anger, they are also at the cost of a place that treats its foreign workers in a subhuman way, has outlawed homosexuality and prohibits public affection, and has a long history of enforced disappearances and torture. , even within the ruler’s own family. No one in their right mind should want to be the public face of Dubai, and in this sense, these videos only serve to cast Efron and Alba in a bad position.

However, and this really pains me to admit, the videos are great too. They’re expensive and well-made, directed by Cruella’s Craig Gillespie, and both stars are clearly having the time of their lives. Without exaggeration, they could be the best thing Efron has ever done in his life. He absolutely throws himself into every aspect of them. Fight convincingly. In A Brand New You he interprets the scruffy present, him and the smooth future, he with equal enthusiasm. You can’t help but hope that, either by accident or by design, Wes Anderson will see A Romance to Remember and cast Efron in his next movie. It is unbelievably good.

If not, I would like Jessica Alba and Zac Efron to keep making fake Dubai movies for the rest of their lives. There are many more genres to choose from. Science fiction. Horror images found. Erotic thriller. A musical. A brutal war movie. A judicial drama. A biographical film of Princess Latifa. Honestly, I’d happily see you all.

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