Saturday, May 28

Dukes of Sussex: Harry and Meghan confirmed to no longer represent the British royal family

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Harry y Meghan


Harry and Meghan will no longer officially represent the British royal family.

They are among the most visible faces of the British monarchy, but Harry and Meghan will not officially represent the Royal Family again, Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex temporarily gave up their royal privileges and obligations in March of last year, in order to work towards becoming financially independent.

And with the “transition period” agreed with Queen Elizabeth II nearing completion, the monarch confirmed that her grandson and wife had already no to be continuen with the responsibilities and duties that a life of public service entails. “

The confirmation means that Harry and Meghan, who reside in California, will return their honorary military appointments and royal endorsements, which will be redistributed among active members of the royal family.

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