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Duvet covers Zara Home | The most daring and colorful of Inditex

Duvet covers Zara Home |  A selection of the most colorful

Duvet covers Zara Home | A selection of the most colorful

If something characterizes Zara Home it is his classic, elegant and simple style. Colors that vary little between white, beige and some shade of brown or tan. But if we dive a little we can find combinations that break a bit with the monochromatic tone of the firm and that are equally ideals.

And it is that if there is a variety of something in Zara Home, it is duvet covers. Now that the coolness arrives, you are sure that you are already preparing yours or you have it on your bed. If you want to renew it or simply have a change for a special occasion, this selection from the brand of Inditex it may suit your style.

We have already warned you, they are the usual colors and patterns but they follow this line of flowers, birds and stripes. You dare?

Duvet covers at Zara Home

The first of the covers has caught our attention due to its tone electric blue, though only in tiny little flowers. On the white background these flowers stand out even more. It is made in 180 thread count percale cotton and it has a concealed button closure at the bottom. Its price ranges between 30 and 50 euros, depending on the size of the bed, and you have matching pillowcases and a fitted sheet. On the web they bet on combining them with cushions with different patterns in the same tones: white and blue.

Duvet covers Zara Home | White with blue flowers ZARA HOME

To combine flowers and stripes It is not very common in Zara Home either and it gives it a very interesting contrast. This duvet cover has the same composition as the previous one and its tones range from water green, to yellow, through various blue and white tones. Also for the pillowcases you can opt for one of the two patterns. Its price ranges between 40 and 60 euros.

Duvet covers Zara Home | Combination of flowers and stripes ZARA HOME

Yellow flowers. Big sunflowers in this 200-thread-count percale cotton duvet cover. This cover belongs to the Join Life care of water line, which for its manufacture have used processes that have made it possible to use less water. If you want more flowers you can also put the top sheet and the pillowcase. Its price also ranges between 40 and 60 euros.

Zara Home Duvet Covers Yellow sunflowers pattern ZARA HOME

Finally, a duvet cover with butterflies. The butterflies have a pink and beige tone on a beige background that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is also made of 200-thread-count cotton percale and its price is between 50 and 60 euros.

Zara Home Duvet Covers Pink flowers on beige background, a hit ZARA HOME

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