Friday, March 31

Dynasty Stock Watch Grades: Weeks 14-17

I’m putting a bow on my 2021 Dynasty Stock Watch series recapping my picks. Be sure to check out my review of Weeks 6-9 and Weeks 10-13. Once you finish reading this article, it will officially be the end of Dynasty Season, so we can immediately start Dynasty Season. 2022.

Let’s ring the opening bell of the dynasty stock clock:

week 14

  • QB Aaron Rodgers (Win Now/Rebuild/Superflex: KEEP)
  • W.R. Davante Adams (Win Now: WAIT, Rebuild: WAIT)
  • QB Taylor Heinicke (Win Now: WAIT, Rebuild/Superflex: WAIT)
  • tight ends

We still don’t know where Rodgers and Adams will end up next season or how it will play out: either they stay, one leaves, or both leave. The most important point of this assessment from early December was not to get caught up in the media whirlwind. There was all that Rodgers vaccine status drama and while the topic is certainly click-inducing, it just shouldn’t take into account his take on the guy in the field and the dynasty. I’ll still listen to offers for both, but you shouldn’t accept any discounts for either player. As we are now, I trust both players understand the importance of winning and won’t jump into terrible situations just for a change of scenery or a raise. If they do leave, it will be a positive situation that shouldn’t hurt their fantasy value – fingers crossed.

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