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Dyson announces air-purifying headphones

The company Dyson has announced that it will launch air-purifying headphones next fall Dyson ZoneHigh-fidelity, noise-canceling headbands that provide surround sound for your ears, while a stream of clean air for your nose and mouth. They are a solution for two urban problems: environmental pollution and noise.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe air that exceeds pollution limits. In addition, it is estimated that more than 100 million people, 20% of the European population, are exposed to long-term noise pollution that exceeds the WHO limits.

Jake Dyson, Research & Development Director of Dyson, has highlighted that: “Air pollution is a global problem. It affects us all everywhere: in our homes, in classes, at work or while we move, whether on foot, by bicycle or with public or private means of transport. Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe wherever you go. Unlike masks, it delivers a cloud of clean air without touching your face, using advanced filters and two miniature air pumps. After six years developing it, we are very excited to be able to provide pure air and sound anywhere.”

6 years and 500 prototypes

The product is the result of the firm’s 30 years of experience in air purification technologies, filters and motors, as well as knowledge of air quality in open and closed spaces. Compressors in each earcup draw air through double-layer filters and project two streams of purified air toward the wearer’s nose and mouth, both connected and not touching the face. The curved edges of the visor ensure that the stream of purified air is kept close to the nose and mouth and is diluted as little as possible by external currents.

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In its role as headphones, the Dyson Zone provides surround sound and isolates from urban noise pollution thanks to the noise cancellation system (ANC for its acronym in English), low distortion and neutral frequency response to faithfully reproduce music and sound. audio as they were conceived.

After more than 500 prototypes, what was originally going to be a motor positioned on the back of the neck has become two compressors, one in each earpiece, and the snorkel-type mouthpiece has evolved into a more effective visor that, without resting on the skin, provides clean air without touching the user’s face. An innovative mechanism to breathe fresh air.

Advanced noise cancellation

Dyson’s team of sound and acoustic engineers have managed to design a system that stands out for its audio quality. Guided by metrics and backed by extensive listening tests, a product with crystal clear sound and advanced noise cancellation has been achieved. However, due to the restricted nature of the space in this portable device, a high performance neodymium electro-acoustic system has been developed in each earphone. They provide high-frequency response, precise left/right balance, and distortion significantly below what the human ear can detect, to handle optimal sound reproduction.

Design and control

Extensive research into head and face geometry has enabled the company’s engineers to measure how Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones fit and perform on different heads, taking into account headband clamping force, geometry and materials of the lower visor and the adjustability of the device, among other factors.

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The Dyson Zone is designed around the shape and design of a horse saddle, so weight is distributed to the sides of your head, rather than on top. Normally, the saddle curves over the horse’s spine to distribute all the load to the sides of the spine, the same format that has been used for the center pad over the headband.

The equipment is controlled by an application that provides intelligent monitoring functions for air pollution and noise. The purifying headphones will be available from fall 2022.

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