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E-Bikes Save You Gas—Shop Our Picks

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If you’ve been watching the news, or just watching the numbers when you fill up your tank, you already know: Gas prices are rising right along with the spring temperatures. You may have started hearing chatter about electric cars, hybrids and even E-Bikes as alternative travel options, and for good reason! Traveling by electric car or bike is a more eco-friendly way to get around (or out of) town—and it means no stopping for gas.

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If you’re unfamiliar with E-Bikes, we’ll break it down. An E-Bike is an electric bicycle, but not a dirt bike, motorcycle or scooter. Most E-Bikes look similar to a regular bicycle, just with the addition of a small motor and battery. E-Bikes have mass appeal because they have different modes: You can pedal; you can pedal and use an electric assist (the equivalent of a moving sidewalk); or you can use only electric. These modes make the bikes practical for different roads and landscapes, as well as speeding up your commute. E-Bikes can go up to 20 mph and require some charging time for the battery, though the charge time differs depending on the motor and model.

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We’ve rounded up 10 E-bikes you’ll want to consider if you’re ready to go electric.

1.XP Step-Thru 2.0

This step-through model can fold up for commuting.

The XP STep-Thru 2.0 bike has a lower seat and step-through to accommodate a wider range of heights and mobility levels. The tires are wider than a city bike, so they can withstand more types of terrain like trails, mud and dirt roads. You may notice the bike’s design looks a bit funky, and that’s because this model can actually fold up, which is a fantastic feature for people who don’t have much storage or have multi-step commutes. (For example: riding their E-Bikes to the train station and then folding it up to hop on the subway). At $999, this is a more affordable option that doesn’t compromise on features or style.

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Get the XP Step-Thru 2.0 from Lectric Bikes for $999

2. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.2 Electric Bike

No, that's not a water bottle—it's a motor.

This E-Bike from REI Co-op looks almost identical to a city bike, aside from the motor that sits where a water bottle normally would. The bike’s sleek design is best for flatter terrain and paved roads, though the motor can help you out on hills. The Shimano e6100 motor is on the quieter side and has three pedal-assist modes and a walk mode. The bike also comes in three sizes—small, medium, and large—which isn’t as common among E-Bikes as it is with standard models. REI Co-op members will also get 10% of the purchase back as part of their yearly member dividend.

Get the Co-op Cycles CTY e2.2 Electric Bike from REI Co-op for $2,699

3. Jax Rev Electric Folding Bike

Fold up this zippy model for easy storage and transport.

The Jax Rev Electric Folding Bike is another folding option. This bike has a more minimal design and five pedal assist modes. Since this model has a back rack and folds up, it’s great for all-day rides or even bringing along while camping. When folded, it’s easy to store or transport, and its battery offers a range of up to 46 miles when fully charged. The Jax Rev bike is only a single speed, but it’s convenient, zippy and comes in a great shade of green.

Get the Jax Rev Electric Folding Bike from Retrospec for $1,499

4. The Original from Bunch Bike

Big family?  Lots of gear?  This is the E-bike for you.

The Original from Bunch Bike can fit a whole bunch of things. From family bike rides to grocery hauls to an off-grid picnic, this cargo bike is your new way around town. The front of the bike is like the trunk of a car, making it perfect for transporting goods, pets or even your kids. For the latter, you’ll probably want to use the included benches and seatbelts for safety. The bike’s battery can last up to 35 miles, so plan a weekend ride for the whole family.

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Get The Original from Bunch Bike for $3,999

5. Pace 500 E-Bike

This Aventon cruiser model has a faster-than-the-norm charge time.

This city-style bike from Aventon has a cruiser frame, comfortable seat and backlit digital display that makes riding around fun and leisurely. The Pace bike has a 3 to 4 hour charge time, faster than other E-Bikes, and a range of 25 to 40 miles. This model comes in small, medium and large sizes as well as black and sand colorways. With five levels of pedal assist and eight speeds, it has plenty of options to help you find the perfect ride.

Get the Pace 500 E-Bike from Aventon for $1,499

6.CTY e2.1 Electric Bike

The CTY e2.1 has three pedal assist modes and can go 50 miles when pedal assist is engaged.

REI’s CTY e2.1 E-Bike has a handful of features like pedal assist, an upright design and cargo rear rack that make it check all the boxes for a daily-use E-Bike. The battery needs 5 or 6 hours to charge, but this model has a 50-mile range with pedal assist. The low step over makes the bike easier to get on and off, and also makes it easier to keep upright while stopped. The e2.1 bike has three pedal assist modes and may be a more comfortable option for people already accustomed to biking on a similar bicycle design.

Get the CTY e2.1 Electric Bike from REI Co-op for $2,299

7. Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike

This built-for-the-city bike has seven speeds and six levels of pedal assist.

Built for the city, this step-through bike has seven speeds and six levels of pedal assist, making it easy to get to where you need to be or take it for a joy ride. The bike has two motor options (the larger one for faster speeds) and comes in three popsicle-like shades: light blue, coral and cream. If Retrospec’s bike is anything like its paddleboardingit’s sure to make your outdoor adventures a breeze.

Get the Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike from Retrospec for $1,299

8. The SS Bike

This minimal model brings single speed style to the world of E-bikes.

If you’re looking for a sporty E-Bike, this one’s for you. The Propella SS single speed is simple, minimal and just flashy enough to draw attention as you cruise by. Its upright design is comfortable and functional. At 35 pounds, It also happens to be more lightweight than other E-Bikes. The battery has an up to 38-mile range and has a top speed of 18.5 mph, which is just shy of the standard 20 mph. The SS E-Bike is another more affordable option, ringing up just over $1,000, but it still has amazing features like an LED display, 2.5 hour charge time and five pedal assist speeds.

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Get the The SS E-Bike from Propella for $1,099

9. The E-Bike from Batch Bicycles

The Batch bike can go as far as 80 miles on a single charge.

The E-Bike from Batch Bicycles has a Bosch motor, an athletic design and a lightweight aluminum frame. It’s an ideal bike for city riding or longer commutes because it’s comfortable and powerful—with an estimated 30 to 80 miles range depending on which pedal assist modes you use. The bike has eight speeds, a cargo back rack and 27.5-inch tires for a reliable ride.

Get The E-Bike from Batch Bicycles for $2,499

10. Rad Wagon 4

This long model is highly customizable.

Measuring more than 6.5 feet long, the RadWagon 4 is a longer bike than most. It sits lower than other models and has smaller tires to keep the center of gravity low to the ground. Each battery charge can take you up to 45 miles, and the RadWagon is highly customizable with add-ons like a canopy, front rack, passenger pegs and running boards, among others. This model may be perfect for deliveries, farmer’s markets or a family ride with your little ones. It’s worth noting that this bike does need some assembly, and since motorized parts are involved, it might be best to leave it to the pros.

Get the RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes for $1,999

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