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Each attendee of Raphael’s concerts had four times more air than a meeting in a house



Although they have been infinitely fewer than in a normal year, in 2020 there have been dozens of concerts in what we have of a pandemic that they have strictly complied with the protocols regulated by the health authorities. But only one has been so severely criticized as Raphael. Is it just because it has been the most massive? Or is there something else?

“The issue has become politicized,” he says Manolo Saucedo, CEO of Impulsa, the company that manages the Wizink Center. In addition to having reduced the capacity to 30%, beyond what is required, the organizing company established some extra measures that included PCR tests for 300 workers, staggered entry through fifty accesses, and ventilation every twelve minutes that guaranteed the maximum the air quality. “We checked it by taking measurements inside and outside the enclosure, the air quality was extraordinary” explains Saucedo. The enclosure contains 160,000 cubic meters of air, with which, they touched about 40 m³ of air per spectator. At a family gathering of six in a 30-square-meter room, they would touch 10 m³ of air per person.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, affirmed on Sunday that the concert that took place the night before was “safe” and fulfilled all the protocols. The vice president, Ignacio Aguado, declared yesterday that he understands that the citizens who have seen the images of the concert may have felt “concern and discomfort”, but he did not stop pointing out that “the reality is that the Ministry of Health he has set limitations and they have been strictly adhered to, both on Saturday and Sunday. Even Raphael himself has come up against the accusations by issuing a statement to remind him that “the strictest security measures, prevention and, of course, current regulations ”.

What seems clear is that if these events have been allowed, it has not been for «deal»As some TV talk shows have come to argue. «There have been no more requests to organize a concert at the Wizink Center because under these conditions, economically, it does not work out well for any artist, nor for the venue “, Saucedo says:” These concerts have been an act of responsibility, to promote safe culture. Raphael, a very significant artist, wanted to take the plunge. But economically they have been a disaster for all parties. No one has looked for the Economic performance».

Why then has it unleashed such harsh criticism, which has even divided the world of music? “We have missed the fact that many leading artists in this country who cry out for a safe culture have not raised their voices to support that these types of activities can be carried out,” laments Saucedo who, on the other hand, is grateful that the associations and unions of workers in the live industry have shown that support publicly. «We are very surprised by this controversy, and very sad, because we believed that we were helping to convey that culture can be safe if measures are taken, “he concludes. Are we facing a new denialism? The denial of safe culture? In a few days, when it is known whether or not there have been infections in these two concerts, we will leave doubts.

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