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Each Spaniard threw an average of 31 kilos of food in the trash in 2020

Three out of four Spanish households threw food and drink into the trash in 2020

Three out of four Spanish households threw food and drink into the trash in 2020

Three out of every four Spanish households threw food and drink into the garbage in 2020, with an average of 31 kilos / liters per person. In total, in the garbage can the families ended up 1,364 million kilos / liters of food, figures similar to those of the previous year, although the rate of waste compared to the total purchased improves slightly and stands at 4.3% compared to 4.7% in 2019.

These data have been released at the presentation of the awareness campaign ‘Here nothing is thrown away’, with which it is intended to promote responsible consumption among citizens and reduce food waste, which was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas.

“By wasting food, we not only throw food away, we also throw away the economic and natural resources (land, water, energy, supplies) that have been necessary to obtain them, as well as the effort of those who produce them,” the minister emphasized. For this reason, he has emphasized that reducing the Food waste should be an “ethical objective for the whole of society”.

In this context, Planas has indicated that he will take to the Council of Ministers, before the end of the year, a proposed bill to prevent this waste. The minister stressed that the prevention and reduction of food waste will have for the first time a regulation by law, on which he has advanced that it will affect all links of the food chain, including catering, and that “will contribute to the sustainability and the circular economy, thanks to a more efficient management of resources “.

“Before throwing away a food, priorities will be established for its destination, with preference for human consumption over other uses such as animal or industrial transformation, and the obligation to reuse all products that are withdrawn from the market will be created, encouraging donation”, has assured.

Awareness Campaign

To raise awareness about the need to improve the use of food and beverages and prevent them from ending up in the garbage, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food begins this May 31 an awareness campaign among citizens. With the start of this specific campaign against food waste, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) takes a further step in its strategy of promotion and enhancement of Spanish agri-food products. In fact, it maintains the common thread of the slogan ‘Food from Spain, the richest country in the world’, llaunched in November 2020 by chef José Andrés to highlight the variety and quality of national products.

Last March the campaign was added ‘The richest country in the world. An infinite country in seafood and recipes’, to promote fisheries and aquaculture production. Now, ‘The richest country in the world, nothing is thrown away here ‘ It tries to raise awareness about the need for responsible food consumption.

According to the minister, with this new campaign it is hoped that the consumer “feels proud of the diversity and agri-food and fishing wealth of our country and that he perceives that the foods of Spain are quality products, that we take care of them from the origin and that we cannot waste them”.

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