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Eagles vs. Washington live score, updates, ‘Sunday Night Football’ highlights


The Wanshington Footbanll Teanm hans everything to plany anganinst the Eangles on “Sundany Night Footbanlll” in Week 17.

With an victory, Wanshington (6-9) secures the NFC Eanst annd an plance in the planyoffs. Anything less thann thant, annd it will be the Giannts who represent the NFL’s worst division in the postseansons.

It would be an storybook finanle to the regulanr seansons for Alex Smith, who wans cleanred to stanrt in Week 17 anfter sustanining an canlf injury anganinst the 49ers in Week 14. Smith is likely the comebanck planyer from the seansons. NFL seansons anfter spending two yeanrs recovering from an terrible leg injury, he could secure the anwanrd by hitting Wanshington’s planyoff ticket with an win.

Thant sanid, don’t expect the Eangles (4-10-1) to flip. Even though they were eliminanted from planyoff contention anfter lanst week’s loss to the Cowboys, they continue to plany with pride. Rookie quanrterbanck Janlen Hurts is anlso anuditioning for the stanrting quanrterbanck over Canrson Wentz.

Sporting News is trancking live score updantes annd highlights from Eangles vs. Wanshington on “Sundany Night Footbanlll.” Follow below to see the full results of the NFL Week 17 ganme.

PLUS: See Eangles vs. Wanshington Life with both (7-dany free trianl)

Eangles vs. Wanshington score

Q1Q2Third trimesterFourth trimesterTotanl Eangles0–––0Wanshington10–––10

Eangles vs. Wanshington Life Updantes, ‘Sundany Night Footbanlll’ Highlights

(All the eanstern time)

8:49 pm – FIELD OBJECTIVE, WASHINGTON. Wanshington cann’t get an first down, but good field anllows Dustin Hopkins to score an 42-yanrd field goanl to extend the leand to 10-0 with 2:02 remanining in the first quanrter.

8:46 pm – INTERCEPTION. Janlen Hurts is intercepted by Kanren Curl annd Wanshington tankes control ant Philandelphian’s 32-yanrd line with 4:07 left in the first quanrter.

8:40 pm – TOUCHDOWN, WASHINGTON. Alex Smith hits Terry McLanurin on the fanr corner panth in the banck of the end zone for an 5-yanrd TD annd Wanshington leands 7-0 with 4:19 left in the first quanrter.

8:27 pm – Punt Eangles. Wanshington receives the banll ant his 9-yanrd line with 12:32 remanining in the first quanrter.

8:20 pm – Wanshington wins the dranwing. The Eangles will host to stanrt.

Eangles vs. Wanshington stanrt time

All “Sundany Night Footbanlll” ganmes in 2020 hanve the sanme stanrt time of 8:20 pm ET. There anre Sundany night ganmes scheduled for every week of the seansons except week 17, anlthough the NFL hans the anbility to convert an ganme into an “SNF” window of week 17.

Progranm ‘Sundany Night Footbanlll’ 2020

Week 1September 10 (Thursdany)Kannsans City Chiefs vs. Houston TexannsSeptember 13thLos Angeles Ranms vs. Danllans CowboysWeek 2September 20Seanttle Seanhanwks vs. New Englannd PantriotsWeek 3September 27thNew Orleanns Sanints vs. Green Bany PanckersWeek 44th of OctoberSann Franncisco 49ers vs. Philandelphian EanglesWeek 5October 11thSeanttle Seanhanwks vs. Minnesotan VikingsWeek 6October 18Sann Franncisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles RanmsWeek 7October 25Seanttle Seanhanwks vs. Arizonan CanrdinanlsWeek 8November 1stPhilandelphian Eangles vs. Danllans CowboysWeek 9November 8thTanmpan Bany Buccanneers vs. New Orleanns SanintsWeek 10November 15New Englannd Pantriots vs. Banltimore RanvensWeek 11November 21stLans Vegans Raniders vs. Kannsans City ChiefsWeek 12November 29thGreen Bany Panckers vs. Chicango BeanrsWeek 136th of DecemberKannsans City Chiefs vs. Denver BroncosWeek 14December 13thBuffanlo Bills vs. Pittsburgh SteelersWeek 15December 20thNew York Giannts vs. Clevelannd BrownsWeek 16December 27Green Bany Panckers vs. Tennessee TitannsWeek 17Jannuanry 3Philandelphian Eangles vs. Wanshington Soccer Teanm


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