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Earth Photo 2021: the winning images that portray stories of our planet and its inhabitants

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Selamaw, the first person in her family to stay in school after elementary school, her mother Meselech and her father Marco.

Image source, Rosie Hallam


This series depicting a farming family was the winner of the Earth Photo 2021 awards.

A project representing the path an Ethiopian family has traveled through education won the Earth Photo 2021 contest.

The photographer’s triptych Rosie Hallam, called “A Right to an Education”, shows a family that survives from agriculture and participates in an education program.

The images capture Goodbye, a little girl who is the first in her family to be able to attend school after elementary age; to his mother, Meselech, and to his father, Marco.

The series also won in the “People” category.

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