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Earthquakes in Alicante | The province registers an earthquake every two days for more than a month

Most of the earthquakes recorded since the beginning of August have had a magnitude less than 2 degrees on the Richter scale, as reflected in the data collected by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and the Seismic Network of the University of Alicante. So only five have oscillated between 2 and 3 degrees, and one has been somewhat larger, although with an epicenter in the sea, registered on August 29 and with 3.8 degree. It is somewhat striking to observe the location of the phenomena, since there has been a certain activity in the surroundings of the Maigmó and El Cid mountains, with several earthquakes located in Petrer, Agost, Tibi and Monforte.

Earthquakes detected in the province of Alicante since August 1

The succession of episodes is being something more intense than usual, but it is not at all exceptional, as explained by the director of the UA Seismic Network, Jose Delgado. The most common is that the number of earthquakes in the province and its coasts ranges between 60 and 80 a year, but the fact that it is a contact zone for tectonic plates means that movements can occur more frequently at any time. In any case, he reiterates, this is not a worrying situation at all.

Delgado points out, yes, that “it is a bit of the warning that nature gives us” that we are in an area with high seismic activity, and that it should be taken into account. Fortunately these earthquakes are small, but they remind you that more intense phenomena can occur, and that, in fact, they have historically occurred, as was the case in the Vega Baja 192 years ago.

“Nothing to do with what happens on La Palma”

The current tremors are more related to others that are registered off the coast of Melilla

The director of the UA Seismic Network emphasizes that periods with a certain tectonic activity are completely common, typical of the geological characteristics of the territory in which we live. It should be remembered, in this sense, that the province of Alicante is one of the most sensitive in mainland Spain to this type of phenomenon, as this newspaper published a few weeks ago. For this reason, he insists, the succession of earthquakes that is taking place these days has “nothing to do” with what is happening on the island of La Palma, where “there is a real seismic crisis”, with the eruption of a volcano yesterday afternoon.

Another place that currently registers a significant number of tremors, although much less intense than on La Palma, about ten every day in recent days, is the Alboran Sea, in front of the city of Melilla although at a distance from it. In this case, José Delgado points out, there may be a certain relationship with what happens in the province, being the same contact area between plates, although minimal in any case. The expert reiterates that the small earthquakes of these weeks are simply a reminder that it is an active territory in seismic terms, and that we must be aware of this circumstance.

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