Friday, July 30

EBB Para Mí: Internet Access for Latino Families

The long COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vital importance of digital communications, as well as the importance of having access to the Internet. The Hispanic Federation supports a national campaign called “EBB Para Me.” EBB stands for Emergency Broadband Benefit, and it is an emergency program to expand access to broadband, or the Internet.

The campaign, which is specifically geared towards the Latino community, provides a discount of up to $ 50 per month on the cost of broadband internet to qualifying families.

“In the new millennium, having access to high-speed broadband in the home opens the doors to economic and individual advancement,” said Brent Wilkes, Senior Vice President of Institutional Development for our Hispanic Federation. “In this way, jobs are created, students are helped to improve their grades, health care is facilitated for the underserved sectors of the population, and Latino families are given access to news and entertainment.” .

EBB benefits are available to all Latino families in the country who meet certain maximum income requirements; even those with undocumented members, as long as at least one of their members has an ITIN number or is a student eligible to receive a school lunch discount.

EBB help is offered for a certain time, it is not forever. Therefore, interested persons should request it as soon as possible on the bilingual site.

Orgullo LGBTQ+

On Sunday the 27th, in New York City we celebrated Pride Day, LGBTQ + Pride Day, under the slogan “The Fight Continues”, The fight continues. It is a motto very appropriate to the times that New Yorkers in general and the LGBTQ + community in particular live in.

While the city in general faces the consequences of a pandemic that has not yet ended, the LGBTQ + population suffers additional and serious problems, such as the increase in attacks, in some cases fatal, against trans people, in addition to the constant attempts of various leaders and organizations for denying him rights and even taking away those he has already achieved. To this must be added, of course, other forms of aggression, from humor and hurtful jokes to insults for their identity, for being who they are.

At the Hispanic Federation, we join forces with the LGBTQ + community and share their hopes, because for the first time in the country’s history, the Legislature can put an end to these injustices by passing the Equality Act, or Equality Act. We encourage all Latinos and Latinos to support and promote the passage of this vital set of laws to ensure, for example, that no one is refused, because of who they are, attention in a restaurant or a bar, or the possibility of using individual public transportation, or being sheltered in a government-funded homeless shelter.

For more information or to start participating now, visit

Let’s celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Hispanic Federation together, and see you next column!

-Frankie Miranda is the president of the Hispanic Federation

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