Friday, October 22

Echenique and Del Olmo are sentenced for intrusion to honor

Pablo Echenique, in Congress.

Pablo Echenique, in Congress.

A court has sentenced the leaders of Podemos Pablo Echenique and Juanma del Olmo for ensure that a party candidate in Ávila in 2019, Pilar Baeza, had been raped, concluding that it was an illegitimate interference in the honor of the alleged aggressor, since the Supreme Court did not consider the violation proven.

In a sentence, to which Efe has had access, the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 8 of Leganés (Madrid) condemns both of them for this crime, forcing them to make the sentence public in the same channels in which they made their assertions – a press conference and a tweet – and to compensate the brother of the alleged aggressor, who is the one who filed the lawsuit .

The sentence, against which there is an appeal, exonerates Podemos on understanding that the two party officials made the statements in their private capacity.

The sentence is the fruit of the lawsuit filed in May 2019 by the brother of Manuel López Rodríguez after hearing statements from the current spokesperson for United We Can in Congress and reading a tweet from Del Olmo in which both assumed that Pilar Baeza had been raped 35 years earlier by a man who was killed by a relative of hers with the help of the young woman.

Specifically, on March 4, 2019, the current spokesperson for United We Can in Congress responded in a press conference to the question of whether he supported Baeza’s candidacy for mayor of Ávila after learning that he had been convicted of that murder: “Simply, to note that we are talking about events that took place 35 years ago, which refer to a woman who was raped (…)”.

For his part, Juanma del Olmo, Podemos Communication Secretary, wrote on Twitter: “Hug to Pilar Baeza from Podemos Ávila. 35 years ago she was the victim of a rape. Her boyfriend then shot the man who raped her. She was convicted of complicity and paid her debt to society. ”

The Supreme Court sentenced Pilar Baeza in 1990, which finally did not obtain municipal representation on March 26, 2019, after 30 years in prison, of which he served six in prison, as an accessory to the 1985 murder in Madrid of Manuel López.

The family of Manuel López sued, through the lawyer Bárbara Royo, the two charges of the purple formation when they understood that their conduct affected the honor of the deceased, that he was not accused of rape by the Supreme Court, as the sentence now shows, according to sources from the Royo & Becerro & Peñafort law firm.

For their part, sources from the environment of the defendants have assured Efe that they will appeal before all instances a ruling that is contrary to the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Office, which denied the existence of a violation of the plaintiff’s rights, and they assure that a “contradictory” sentence that “can only be understood when we see that it is about two people from Podemos.”

The sentence emphasizes the fact that the violation could have existed “It is not a letter of marque so that it can be affirmed that the violation existed, as do the defendants who did not introduce in their statements the element of the probability that she could have been raped but rather affirmed it outright “.

He maintains that Echenique’s words supposed “a free statement, not verified, collected only from the version offered by Mrs. Baeza, and, above all, absolutely unnecessary for the idea that Mr. Echenique was presenting. “It also had a great media coverage.

Along the same lines, in the case of Juanma del Olmo he details that the imputation of the violation to Manuel López “is even more explicit”, and ruling that neither of the two cases can be protected by freedom of expression.

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