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Ecological ‘cohousing’ arrives in Madrid: “Another way of living is necessary”


The first days of regenerative housing will be held in the capital from May 19 to 22 in the TRIPLE building on Ferraz street.

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Conceiving buildings as “living ecosystems”, integrating biodiversity into cities, going beyond sustainability and contributing to the “regeneration” of the planet from the places where we live, instead of simply settling to minimize our impact. . I will talk about all this in the first jornadas RAIN regenerative housing and cohousing ecological in Madrid, from May 19-22 in the TRIPLE building on Ferraz street. The appointment is at the same time a challenge for the construction sector, in the post-Covid era and in the face of the challenge of the climate crisis.

“We are facing a radical paradigm shift and housing is going to play a fundamental role”, warns the architect Iaki Alonso, at the head of the Natural District, which has just put up the first pike in Madrid with the cohousing of ecological houses Entrepatios-Las Carolinas. “We must regenerate our relationship with the planet, and redesign the way we inhabit, and find new ways of relating to the economy, to health and among people.”

In Entrepatios, in the Usera neighborhood, 17 families live in a cooperative and under a “right of use” regime in a building with a bioclimatic design, built basically of wood and using recycled textile insulation, with maximum energy efficiency and generating a large part supply on the roof with solar panels. The climate impact is estimated to be 39% compared to a conventional building. The saving on the electricity bill is 20 to 25 euros per month.

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Iaki Alonso, at the head of the architecture studio sAtt, now wants to extend his radius of action with Distrito Natural, the ‘zero emissions’ ecological co-housing ecosystem that aspires to build 10 projects on the outskirts of Madrid. The architect and his team are determined to show that “another way of living together” is not only possible, but more necessary than ever in these critical times.

“We are facing a change in the conception of cities with respect to biodiversity,” warns Alonso. “The integration of life in buildings falls short if we consider it as the mere introduction of decorative elements. The incorporation of biodiversity goes beyond the plant; in cities we have the potential to protect essential animals such as birds or birds. pollinating insects “.

The founder of Natural District also claims “the application of the principles of regenerative design to life in community”, from ecovillages to neighborhoods. “The Regen Days will explore and publicize these initiatives and many more from the rest of the country, as well as the ecosystem of organizations and experts who lead it,” he warns.

Miguel Rico will participate in the conference, among others, with his ViBio project that aspires to create a “regenerative” town one hour from Madrid and under the auspices of the Natural District. From New Mexico, Bill Reed, pioneer of the concept with the Regenesis Group, will intervene: “Instead of doing as little damage as possible, the idea is precisely to integrate into the environment and use the health of ecological systems as the basis for design.”

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The idea has spread in recent years in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden or the United States, where ReGen Villages is gaining traction, a development model based on the construction of resilient ecovillages, with their own systems of renewable energy generation and production. of food, as well as management and reuse of resources.

What do we understand as a regenerative culture in the housing sector? How to apply circularity to buildings? What is decarbonisation in the construction sector? An attempt will be made to answer all questions and many more during the REGEN hybrid event, which can be followed remotely or in the TRIPLE building, which preaches with the example of a “healthy” space and certified as “zero CO2”.

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