Saturday, August 13

Ecologists in Action: “The overflows of the Ebro are the consequence of an erroneous policy”

“The overflows of Ebro between La Rioja and Navarra are the logical consequence of a wrong policy in river management “, they affirm from Ecologists in Action.

With this new avenue of the Ebro as it passes between La Rioja and Navarra, “the management model failure that the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation launched in the sixties, by means of the construction of breakwaters and defenses attached to the riverbed in low water, which have left the largest river in Spain corseted and encased in a tiny channel in the largest part of the places in its path between La Rioja and Navarra “.

“For this reason, and not for any other, in times of avenue the river overflows and cCauses heavy damage by bursting or bypassing fenders flooding thousands of hectares of crops “, they affirm from Ecologists in Action.

“It is absurd to pretend that a river with the volume reached by the Ebro this latest flood can hold on and stick to the channel in which they have converted the natural course of the River in some sections,” they continue.

“It is even more absurd that the spokesperson for the ASAJA union in La Rioja affirms that the overflow is to blame for the gravel or vegetation, as if changing gravel sites or cutting the few pockets of riverside vegetation were the solution to allow the passage without causing damage of more than 2000 m3 per second through ‘a canal’, which is what they have converted the river into in some sections “.

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Thus the things, they explain, “It is necessary to stop trickery and speeches as unreal as simplistic. The channel must be expanded and naturalized. It is the only solution to avoid flooding and damage to crops. ”

Ecologists in Action of La Rioja asks the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation, and the Governments of La Rioja and Navarra “to immediately put themselves in the task of designing a generalized setback of the current defenses of the Ebro as it passes through La Rioja and Navarra, for give it greater width, something that is already being done in Northern Europe and in some tiny parts of the Ebro itself within the ‘Ebro Resilent’ project “.

“With this river management policy, It would ensure that it never overflows again and that it has a wide enough channel so as not to have to spend year after year also wasting tens of millions of Euros of everyone’s money, “they explain.

“It is time to demolish the defenses of the River as it passes between La Rioja and Navarra and set them back until there is enough space. Ecologists in Action proposes a new defense route between Logroño and Castejón de Ebro, which is attached in six images, and which would forever solve the problem of the Ebro floods and the damage to the economy. A system that would allow the smooth passage of even avenues with twice the flow of the last one. It is now time to solve the problem “, they conclude.

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