Wednesday, August 4

Economy grants two million for rural trade, associations and market reforms

The Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor has awarded 2,075,700 euros to establishments in small municipalities in rural areas, to associations of merchants and artisans, for the promotion of local trade and crafts, and to markets with the recognition of “excellent” to finance renovation works and computer maintenance.

The Official Gazette of the Generalitat (DOGV) has published the resolutions of various aid concessions corresponding to the advance call for the 2021 financial year of aid in the field of trade, consumption and crafts.

These grants are in addition to those of Emprenem COMERÇ, published in the DOGV, aimed at SMEs in the sector of the small business, for a total of 156,264.92 euros.

Minister Rafa Climent explained that “the objective of these grants is the adaptation of infrastructures, digital transformation through the promotion of electronic commerce, and the improvement of equipment, management and services, both in urban areas and in rural environments and the promotion and promotion of local commerce and crafts “.

Destination of the aid granted

Within the Avalem COMERÇ RURAL program, aid has been granted to 14 SMEs in municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants of the Valencian Community for a total of 44,525.68 euros. These grants are intended for investments in equipment for the commercial establishment, including the computer applications and the expenses derived from the creation of a web page, linked to the establishment, if its purpose is to implement secure online sales or its integration into an online electronic commerce platform, in the establishments located , or to implant.

The Ministry has granted a total of 74,946.94 euros for the reform and computer maintenance in markets which are recognized as “excellent”. These markets stand out for their efficiency and excellence in management, meeting requirements such as having a group of professionals that groups at least 65% of the holders of the market stalls, economic sustainability in the provision of the market service, management total by the market holders, compliance with the hygienic, sanitary and accessibility standard, hours from Monday to Saturday, occupation of at least 80% of the stalls, or sale of at least 70% of food and beverages.

The excellent markets that receive subsidies for reforms are the Sant Roc Market, the Association of Merchants and Sellers of the Municipal Market of Vinaroz and the Ibi Food Market. These last two markets also receive help for consumables and IT maintenance.

In addition, 5,000 euros are awarded to an SME within the Avalem MERCATS program for the adaptation of a transport vehicle.

Aid is also granted to 110 merchants associations, trade unions or business federations to support actions to promote local commerce and customer loyalty, for a value of 1,872,941.34 euros. And in addition, another 78,286.06 euros to 5 craft associations, to finance fairs and training: the Association of Valencian Artisans ARTEVAL, the Provincial Association of Artisans of Castellón, the Guild of Bakers and Confectioners of Valencia, the Associació Pro Artesans i Artesanes d’Oficis and the Associació de Cervesseres Valencianes.

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