Saturday, January 22

Ecuador: President Guillermo Lasso declares a state of exception due to “serious internal commotion” in the face of the spiral of drug trafficking violence

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Guillermo Lasso during the speech



Guillermo Lasso during the speech announcing the state of emergency.

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, declared a state of exception throughout the national territory for 60 days to combat drug-related violence.

In a speech broadcast Monday night on state television, Lasso said the police and military will work together and that his presence would be felt “strongly” in the streets.

The president considered that there is a “serious internal commotion” in the country due to the “increase in criminal activity”, especially in provinces such as Guayas, where statistics warn of a rebound in crime.

“In the streets of Ecuador there is only one enemy: drug trafficking“, declared in his message to the nation, pronounced in parallel to the executive decree.

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