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Ecuadorian Liga MX footballer, Bryan Angulo, is involved in a murder in his country

Ecuadorian Liga MX footballer, Bryan Angulo, is involved in a murder in his country

Since his participation in the Apertura 2020 ended, the forward left for Ecuador.

Photo: Iliana Aguirre / Imago7

After your participation with Xolos from Tijuana in the 2020 Apertura Tournament of the Liga MX, Bryan Angulo He left for his native Ecuador to spend the holidays, where he has now been involved in a murder that occurred on December 25.

The Ecuadorian National Police indicated it in its report as participant of a brawl in which he died a man by name Vicente Paliz Merino, 30 years old, this Friday morning.

“Diligence carried out to citizen Katherine Betsabeth Ponguillo Giegl. He indicated that he had been to a party celebrating Christmas, that is at around 04:30 in the morning he had received a call from Mr. Vicente Palis, indicating that if he could go to his home located in Fertiza, for which he agreed to He visits her, Mr. Vicente Paliz arriving after a few minutes at his home where he tells him that if they want to buy beer, it is there that everyone agrees to buy beer and gets on the vehicle of Mr. Vicente Palis, accompanied by the following citizens RAMÍREZ LÓPEZ Mario Ricardo and his aunt, Mrs. María Ponguillo ”, is mentioned in the report that the local newspapers had access to.

“When arriving at the sector called the” GULF “to buy the beers, all the people who were in the place have been alerted and approach the vehicle indicating ‘WHAT IS THE VISAJE, THAT PEOPLE ARE PSYCHOSIED FOR WHAT THEY HAVE ARRIVED’ in That is why the interviewee has told them to be calm that they were only going to buy beer, in that when they are arguing the footballer arrived Bryan Angulo, the same one who began to hurl expletives and Bryan Angulo’s wife approaches where Mrs. María Ponguillo aunt of the interviewee, where she begins to attack her, so they immediately put her in the car.

“In that the citizen Bryan Angle was still on the right side insulting when in that discussion he only heard a shot from a firearmIn that, he observes a subject who has the alias of a twin tries to steal the Chain from Mr. Victor Palis, now deceased; It is also there that he observes Mr. Bryan Angle running off together with his wife where he shouted the following “WITH THE SILVER DANCE THE MONKEY”, getting into a black FORD vehicle and leaving at high speed, after that they have tried to help him injured, but they have seen that he has bled and has lost vital signsIt is there that they have requested assistance by calling 911, with various police units arriving at the scene ”, the report concludes.

Angulo left for Ecuador without knowing his football future, since It was not part of Xolos’ plans for the next tournament and neither was it for Cruz Azul, the club that owns your letter.

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