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Ecuadorians will celebrate the first parade after the pandemic in Queens with a call to use masks and get vaccinated

Despite the concern generated in recent days by the boom in the Delta variant, which has triggered an increase in COVID-19 infections in New York, the city continues to take new steps towards its reactivation, and the return to the new “normal”. Y this sunday, august 8, the ecuadorians will put color, flavor and pride back into the streets of queens, with the return of its traditional Ecuadorian Parade, the first to reappear in the Big Apple after most restrictions were lifted last June.

And dressing Queens again with the folklore, traditions, beauty and presence of Ecuador, undoubtedly excites many nationals of the country of the Galapagos, the hornado and thriving people, who see in this celebration, that will begin at 69th Street with Northern Boulevard and end at 87th Street, like a breath in the middle of so many difficult months, full of pain.

It was about time that we were allowed to feel alive again and to be able to go out to celebrate our culture with other Ecuadorians ”, he assured Julio Romero, From Cuenca, who warned that he has already put together a family plan to attend the event this Sunday, in the company of his two daughters, his wife and their parents, who are visiting. “We already agreed that on Sunday we will be there before noon, which is when the parade begins and we will celebrate that we are alive and that we are together … and it is also a way to show the COVID that although he wanted to destroy us, we are still standing here, vaccinated and strong to move on ”.

Ángel Guatamber, originally from the city of Azogues, south of Ecuador, He was also optimistic that the national parades in New York have been reactivated, and although he did not hide the pride he feels in knowing that his country had the privilege, that other New Yorkers such as Colombians and Peruvians could not have to celebrate their national dates with a ‘stop’, he assured that the most important thing is to celebrate with measures.

“I think that after so many months of this harsh pandemic, it is nice to see that we can have a parade and go out to honor our culture, but I hope that people are really well organized and follow the rules of distancing and wearing masks, because the COVID has not gone away, and it would not make sense to celebrate to get sick, “said the young man, who revealed that the pandemic put him on the ropes and had to bring out a hallmark of Ecuadorians: strength.

“The pandemic hit us Ecuadorians around here very hard. Thank God I did not lose relatives, but The worst thing he did was leave me without the job I had for 12 years in a restaurant from Manhattan. That hurt a lot, ”confessed the Ecuadorian, who has a commercial stand in Corona Plaza, at 103rd Street and Roosevelt Avenue.

“But since we are the people of my country, one in difficult moments learns to draw strength and to be creative so as not to starve. So I started a little business selling things that now have grown more and that gives me to eat and pay the rent. We had to reinvent ourselves and we did not let ourselves fall, “added Ángel.

“COVID still scares”

And even though Bianca Saeteros Proudly Ecuadorian, the seller of backpacks and jewelery from Queens is one of those who considers that doing a parade just when there are more than 1,300 new daily infections of COVID is very risky.

“I think people have good intentions to celebrate, but I am concerned that the City is promoting parades right now when we are almost in a new wave of the virus and the infections are increasing. I don’t think that’s right, ”said the merchant, who called on her countrymen to avoid crowds and not be so trusting. “COVID still scares and I think that having large meetings is not good, so what we have left is to wear our masks and protect ourselves ”.

Bianca Saeteros is concerned that there are crowds in the Ecuadorian Parade that triggers infections

A similar concern was expressed by the young Ecuadorian Marcela Rodríguez, who said that he will be in the Parade “only in heart, but not in body present”, because he prefers to avoid risks.

“The city is going through difficult times, and although we all want things to return to normal, What we do today depends on tomorrow That’s why I don’t like the idea of ​​seeing parades right now, but I understand that my countrymen want to feel that they are not caged, and I understand them, but we have to take care of ourselves, ”said the student.

Organizers take security measures

And regarding the concerns expressed, the organizers of the event explained that they are taking the issue of security very seriouslyTherefore, following guidelines and recommendations from the New York Health authorities, they are calling on those who attend the event to wear a mask all the time and maintain social distancing.

So he warned Oswaldo Alfredo Guzman, president of the Ecuadorian Civic Committee, who made it clear that although the mission of Sunday’s Parade is to promote the culture and traditions of his country, this year it will also be to promote health and protections.

This Sunday Northern Boulevard will dress in yellow, blue and red with the Ecuadorian Parade in Queens

“We are very happy and very happy to have this opportunity to do our parade again, after this horrible pandemic. We are proud to be able to go out on the street, try to remove the omens we had and have convinced the authorities and the police to support us in our desire to make this great stop, but we also have in mind that safety should guide us ” , assured the civic leader of Ecuador. “We want Northern Boulevard to be dressed in yellow, blue and red again, but that we do it well, taking care of each other and wearing masks ”.

The president of the Ecuadorian Civic Committee He went further and even recommended to those who are not yet vaccinated against COVID that they better stay at home, unless they want to attend to get the vaccine, since the Parade will also serve as a space to promote a vaccination day.

“We know that the vaccine is what makes us all safer with this COVID thing and that is why we are going to have a vaccination point on 69th street, where the parade starts, and another on 85th street, next to the platform so that all those who wish to do so can pass and get vaccinated, ”added Guzmán.

The Ecuadorian civic leader mentioned that in the parade there will be 13 floats, as well as folk groups, orchestras, and former Ecuadorian queens from previous editions. He also highlighted the presence of religious groups that will honor the Virgins of the Cloud and the Swan.

“The idea is that we have a good time, that we celebrate, but also that we have conscience keeping the distance and although the authorities are not forcing people to wear masks, I ask them to wear them; Let’s all collaborate, as an example of good Ecuadorians ”, stressed Guzmán, who mentioned that they expect up to 30,000 people at the event. “Let’s learn to take care of ourselves so that we can end this pandemic once and for all, so that next year we can celebrate a Parade without restrictions and much more joy.”

Data from the Ecuadorian Parade in Queens

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