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Edgar Badia is worth 8 million

Edgar Badia, during the last match that Elche played against Celta at the Martínez Valero.

Edgar Badia, during the last match that Elche played against Celta at the Martínez Valero.
Matías Segarra

Elche goalkeeper Edgar Badia (Barcelona, ​​February 12, 1992), is being one of the sensations, not only of Elche but of the entire First Division, at the beginning of the championship. His good performances were already common in the Second Division, but now his focus is on the top flight. That has caused many sports directors have discovered his great qualities and French-green fans have begun to fear that he may leave sooner rather than later.

The termination clause for the Catalan goalkeeper is eight million euros and it doubled automatically after promotion to the All-Star League last summer. In Second it was four.

In addition, the Elche sports director, Nico Rodriguez, He put different conditions in his contract when he renewed him for three seasons in June 2019. As Cope Elche advanced and this newspaper has been able to confirm, Edgar Badia’s relationship with the Elche club is until 2022, that is, this campaign and the next. But if the franjiverde team continues in the highest category before the end of their contract, that is, at the end of the 2021-2022 season, It will be extended for another year also automatically and there would be four campaigns after its renewal.

The Catalan goal saw Elche as a good possibility to settle in a city and grow and, therefore, opted for a long-term contract. Time is proving him right and he is in full professional maturity. Next February will be 29 years, which is an ideal age for a goalkeeper.

If any other club is interested in their services, Elche can receive those eight million from their clause, which is a good amount and is only available to teams with tradition in the First Division or abroad, something that could satisfy both parts.

However, Edgar Badia has always stated that in Elche’s lands he has found his ideal place and that his intention is to continue for many years defending the goal of the Franco-green team.

His arrival at Martínez Valero was a bit of a “rebound”. It was in the winter market of 2019 after being released due to the economic problems that Reus had and that ended with his expulsion from the competition and, ultimately, his disappearance.

Kings gift

Jorge Cordero was very attentive and the Barcelona goalkeeper arrived at Elche On January 5 and, with the passage of time, it has been confirmed that it was a true gift of Kings for the franjiverde entity.

His presence in the second round of the 2019-2020 season, after the return to the silver category, was providential for permanence. Pacheta could not find a goalkeeper he trusted after the setback of Unai Simón’s urgent return to Athletic Club de Bilbao in the preseason, after the millionaire sale that the Basque club made of Kepa to Chelsea. José Juan, one of the architects of the promotion to Second, was already 40 years old and was beginning his decline. Signed up to Francis Uzoko, from Deportivo de la Coruña, which did not convince either. Until Edgar Badia arrived, who has been and continues to be the titular goalkeeper of Elche, a fundamental part of the promotion to First Division and one of the pillars in the League of Stars.

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