Monday, January 24

Editorial ABC: A humiliated president



Pedro Sánchez has become a dangerous adventurer who is also being humiliated by ERC. This Wednesday he appeared in Congress to re-justify the pardons of the separatist leaders with the crude excuse of concord, and at the same time he put on the constitutionalist jacket by stating that “never again” he will allow a referendum on self-determination. His lurching begins to constitute an anthology, not only of contradiction, but of the most blatant lie. And the ERC spokesman undressed him with a simple phrase: “He also said that there would never be pardons … give us time.” Meanwhile, Pere Aragonès is already designing a hot autumn of reactivation of separatism in the streets to put pressure on Sánchez. However, this appearance of substantive discrepancies is part of an immense theater. The serious thing is that the real agenda of Sánchez and the Generalitat remains hidden. And when Aragonès says after meeting with him that both agreed on a roadmap towards sovereignty with consultation included, and the Government’s version is limited to admitting that they approached opting for the Olympic Games, then the nonsense becomes a joke.

This Sánchez clad in institutionalism is not credible. No longer. The Prime Minister is no longer a problem for Spain, but has become a problem for himself with which he drags the PSOE to the absolute loss of credibility. His fondness for changing his opinion without the slightest ethical modesty, and with total political ease, makes him unable to distinguish between his obsession with power and state policy. It is not blindness. It is a deliberate strategy to generate confusion in Parliament while designing an opaque agenda with separatism. When he affirms that “the PSOE will never, ever, accept a constitutional reform for the referendum”, it is convenient to break down the fine print and not assume the grandiloquence of his phrase. He cannot accept a constitutional reform that alters the concept of national sovereignty for the simple reason that for that he needs the PP, call a referendum, dissolve the Cortes and hold elections. And that is not going to happen. The only reliable “never, never” of Sánchez is that he is going to put power at risk.

Sánchez says more with what he is silent than with what he speaks. His plan is to reissue the sovereign plan that Rodríguez Zapatero already launched in 2006, endorsing a reform of the Statute of Catalonia, that is, using an organic law with which to impose a disguised reform of the Constitution without touching the Magna Carta. The trap, digested with total irresponsibility by Congress that year, was only detected by the Constitutional Court, which struck down dozens of statutory precepts as illegal, since they attributed exclusive State powers to the Generalitat. Zapatero tried to design a federal Spain, a nation of nations without altering the Constitution, and Sánchez aspires to reissue it. You can believe what you want, even that it is enough for Parliament to pass a law to reform the Constitution by way of fait accompli. But here the separation of powers still rules. Hence their desire to tightly control the Judiciary and the TC itself with commissioners who this time do not fail the PSOE, as it did in 2010 with the Catalan Statute. Assuming that this Wednesday he told the truth, which is a lot to assume, this statesman Sánchez must speak more clearly and answer a very simple question: if there is not going to be a referendum -Iceta and Zapatero do ask-, why does he accept that the roundtable address a referendum on self-determination? At this point, there is only the naive hope that, like the rest of the Spanish, he is also deceiving the independence movement.

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