Monday, April 19

Editorial ABC: A nonsense of management



The Government of Pedro Sánchez continues to generate more concern than tranquility in the management of the pandemic, as has been demonstrated by the unnecessary and equivocal debate on the advance of the curfew at eight o’clock in the afternoon during Holy Week. And it does so when the data known yesterday reveal a clear increase in the number of diagnosed and the accumulated incidence, situated at 132.22 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Finally, the agreement of the Interterritorial Health Council, made up of the central government and the autonomous communities, was to maintain the current measures of restriction of mobility and hours, without aggravating them. The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, agitated on Tuesday the idea of ​​tightening the curfew, which would have required the modification of the decree declaring the current state of alarm, something that would have had to occur this week to be effective before from the beginning of Holy Week. It should be remembered that the Government of Sánchez challenged before the Supreme Court the advance of the curfew at 8:00 p.m. agreed by the Junta de Castilla y León. The lack of scientific criteria and political security continue to mark the actions of Pedro Sánchez and his Government, who have not learned anything – from good government, it is understood – in this year already full of pandemic, nor from Spain’s own experience, nor of what is happening in other countries around us.

The so-called fourth wave of Covid-19 is already at the door and the Government continues to be unable to assume the leadership that corresponds to it, but it does not end up entrusting it to the autonomous communities either. Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia opposed the advance of the curfew, exposing the incompetence of the Socialist Executive to assure the Spanish of a coordinated response. On the other hand, the Government and the PSOE, with the rest of the left, are very attentive to their plan to politicize in Madrid the probable increase in infections and accumulated incidence, which is also found in other regions. The Executive has not abandoned the pure political tactic in making its main decisions about the pandemic, with exercises of administrative authoritarianism, truffled with unfulfilled promises. Now, the target is called Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who awaits a campaign as creeping as the one that the left orchestrated with the nursing homes -from which we would have to look at the management of Pablo Iglesias-, the installation of the provisional hospital of Ifema or the construction of Isabel Zendal.

The left cannot assume that the Madrid government is trying and, to a large extent, managing to harmonize sufficient economic activity to maintain part of the employment with a relentless fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, as soon as the data worsens at the national level, the partisan interest that monopolizes the action of the Government and its partners will turn the propaganda to blame Díaz Ayuso for all the evils. It will have the participation of some opportunist regional presidents, who have found in Madrid the scapegoat for the economic and health crises in their respective territories. It is fashionable to attack Madrid, even saying of this autonomous community that “it is not safe for women.” Time passes and it is no longer possible to even maintain the initial optimism about the effect of vaccination, so joyfully and recklessly encrypted by Sánchez in 70 percent of the population for the summer of this year. The Government has given up fighting the pandemic in exchange for politics with the pandemic.

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