Sunday, September 26

Editorial ABC: Biden’s First Steps



The balance of the first months of the new North American president Joe Biden has to be based on the evident verification that a certain normality has returned and the attention of the world has stopped orbiting around the abrupt messages on social networks of his predecessor. A bit of boredom in certain aspects of the world scene seems almost a blessing considering all the turbulence that is taking place on the planet. The return of multilateralism (asymmetric, as it has always been for the US, but multilateralism nonetheless) is good news because it means that Western countries and especially the European Union can organize their relations with the one that continues to be predictable. your most important natural ally in all aspects. His firm and clear statements regarding what he thinks of those who govern Russia and China anticipate a more orthodox foreign policy in the clear defense of democratic values ​​in the world. It is already known that it will be difficult and tricky to carry it out, but it seems better than Trump’s lurch, even if it achieved some gimmicky results in the Middle East. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to have accelerated the dismantling of certain elements of the inheritance that it received in the form of economic retaliation measures, arbitrary sanctions and tariffs, imposed on economic sectors and countries like Spain. Biden has had plenty of time to know that those measures have only served to harm one another and that it is time to cancel them.

In managing the most serious problem he encountered upon his arrival at the White House, the Covid-19 pandemic, Biden has benefited from the fact that the health system itself – basically private – had been making the correct decisions to counteract badly or well. Trump’s erratic policy and that has favored the rapid distribution of vaccines. However, on the delicate issue of immigration, Biden has been clearly overcome by the expectations that his coming to power in the countries of origin of the immigrants has raised and now he is faced with a problem as serious as that of the thousands of minors. unaccompanied, which will probably require a more rational and forceful response than the demagogic gestures that it has adopted so far and which must decisively involve the countries of origin in the search for parents who deliberately launch their children on this hazardous adventure.

The almost one hundred days since he took office are also a clear enough period for the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez to understand that if a North American president – a democrat as well – has not yet wanted to call him by telephone out of elementary courtesy, it is not a question of a bureaucratic forgetfulness, but rather a very clear signal, an obvious message of their distrust of a government in which there are elements that are not trustworthy for the United States because they have repeatedly declared themselves allies of dictatorships with which Washington does not speak. This fact alone would be enough to make Sánchez reflect on the price he has chosen to pay for arriving and for remaining in power in a country like Spain. This is an unprecedented situation, and if it were not because since Sánchez has been in La Moncloa, Spain has been flooded with pressing problems, it should be considered a very serious issue whose repercussions can weigh heavily on everyone.

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