Thursday, August 18

Editorial ABC: Caudillism in teaching



The contents that the Ministry of Education requires from textbook publishers to apply the ‘Celaá law’ in the next course are a scandalous example of doctrinal messianism of the PSOE and Podemos. Never before has a government introduced so much official propaganda, so much complacency and so much indoctrination into education. And without subtleties. It is sanchismo in torrents for children and young people. These are some books on Civic and Ethical Values ​​and Philosophy, from Baccalaureate onwards, although ideology also permeates Language, Catalan Literature, History of the Contemporary World, Religion… Nothing escapes Sánchez’s divisiveness and his management of government as the axis essential. The review of the compendium of laws approved by this Government is constant.

Democratic memory systematically appears, with all its dose of sectarianism and its distance from historical accuracy. The same happens with euthanasia, with interventionism in the lives of citizens through food, or with feminism as an icon of the fight against a macho society. The question of gender, oriented towards that battered conception of feminism that the left embodies, intoxicates everything. Women, as the axis of the Armed Forces, of science, of gender violence or of stereotypes of sexuality, are victims of a slogan tainted by intolerant dogmatism. It is not just a matter of crude ideological orientations, but of a systematic manipulation of teaching, almost fanatical, by virtue of criteria of unique thought and without margin for the student’s own ideas, reflection or plural and open debate. It is yet another dose, as occurs in so many government regulations, of ‘progressive’ consumerism with identity and belonging demands, according to which only the left represents healthy progress and the right identifies with bad citizenship.

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Examples are plenty. The Monarchy is a residual form of representing a State, and the graphic example is that of an old Queen of England next to another photograph of a practically naked monarch of Swaziland. The differences between Monarchy and Republic are clearly inclined towards the latter as the best State model. To illustrate the benefits of euthanasia, the image from the movie ‘Mar Inside’ appears, with the actor Javier Bardem representing Ramón Sampedro as a sort of hero of democracy. There is a lot of ‘ecofeminist’ activism and Greta Thunberg is presented as a world leader. The menas are victims of the system, and historical memory is illustrated with a graphic montage in which the flag of the republic and the official announcement of the first vice-presidency of the Government appear in a veiled way. no blush Of course, there are photos of electoral posters of Pedro Sánchez, smiling, with a ‘Vote PSOE, vote yes’, and his milestone is the exhumation of Franco’s body from the Valley of the Fallen. Furthermore, there are references to independence as an active value of current politics; the ‘green tide’ of education and its unions are a social model; and there are economic graphs that say that this government is the one that makes the most social spending and the one that collects the most to finance it. No one has ever done so little for education. And no president in a democracy has ever incurred in this exercise of school abuse, political advantage and educational perversion. In reality, it is one more link in the chain for the intellectual kidnapping of society, which is subjected from the earliest ages to an imposed ideological model that breaks any mold of critical reflection. Design leadership.

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