Monday, January 24

Editorial ABC: Decentralize or Dismantle



Reiterated for years and announced with the solemnity with which nationalism adorns its scenic challenges, the absence in the central act of the day of the National Holiday of the regional presidents of the Basque Country and Catalonia served yesterday to show the degree of commitment to Spain of whom for the Government of Pedro Sánchez – the Minister of Finance reaffirmed last Monday – are its “priority partners.” Closed with United We can the draft of the Budget project, PNV and ERC request the same time in Congress to expand their catalog of territorial competencies and advance in the process of dismemberment of a State in which they not only do not believe, but also fight through of negotiations and extortion, if not of threats of rupture and institutional coups. It is in this scenario, in which he feels comfortable and of which he is a necessary cooperator, that Sánchez intends to carry out his project of decentralizing the Administration to move the headquarters of some official bodies, already existing or newly created, out of Madrid. , related to the social and political engineering program carried out by its Executive with everyone’s money, used in this case to fatten the payroll and the public employment manger.

The basic approach is not inherently negative. On the contrary, this hypothetical move could contribute to the structuring and peripheral reinforcement of the nation, to decongest the capital of its corporate superstructure, freeing up landmark buildings that could expand its cultural offer, and to alleviate the secular isolation of vast areas of Spain. emptied and rural that decades ago they lost the train of development and were disconnected from the network through which wealth circulates, concentrated in Madrid not as a consequence of centralism, but because of the fiscal policies of the PP governments. In the hands of Sánchez and in accordance with the demands of his “priority partners”, however, the execution of this plan is a serious threat to the integrity of the nation. Six years ago, and in his first stage as secretary general of the PSOE, when he was someone else, according to Carmen Calvo’s thesis, the Prime Minister already promised that if he reached La Moncloa he would move the Senate to Barcelona. His only desire, like his subsequent policy of cessions, was then to satisfy a separatism that had not yet taken to the mountains and which since 2019 has tried to appease unsuccessfully with the shameful dismantling of the scarce remains – with immediate protest of their respective officials – who remained of the State in Catalonia, a process repeated in the Basque Country. He cannot ‘make a country’ who, hand in hand with his partners and with his back to constitutionalism, is dedicated to dismantling it in a systematic way.

To reinvent the State it is necessary to have those who believe in it, in the same way that to reform the Constitution it is essential to rely on those who defend it in the Courts, who are not exactly Pedro Sánchez’s partners. If behind this maneuver – for the moment a probe balloon, the umpteenth of an Executive swayed by the wind of its anti-system allies – only hides a strategy of harassment against Madrid and its regional president, the Government would only remove its mask, before the society and before history. The particular interest is not usually compatible with the general interest, in this case of the nation, and neither can Sánchez’s obsession with the Community that best portrays him and makes it clear can legitimize a project in which Spain is not only the excuse, but the victim.

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